AN ANTHOLOGY WHO ARE YOU? By Okusanya Oyinkansola (Torimiel) – Ajala Suzan (Susu) – Ezera Ozioma (Gozy) – Adeyemi Adeoye (Adeoye Thrillseeker)

“WHO ARE YOU ?”, is a sestet, three stanza poem.
It narrates a woman in pain, depressed and confused, she needs the world to understand her pain.., so she writes down her feeling on a sheet about the man that broke her heart.., hoping she can throw away her sorrows.!

Lets see if she can ????✍

Grab a seat, carefully read and Enjoy.! ✅

I graced a fake friendship,
Followed a persuasive monster.
My fragile heart held unto empty hopes,
And became a slave of it’s twisted hidden lines,
As it pierced me with lies and venomous words,
I lie down in white sheets bleeding red.

Now sadness sings for i have made the wrong choice,
Sorrow is playing on the strings for i am lost,
It shattered my heart into a thousand regrets,
I sacrificed secrets, yet still bleed of betrayal,
Deeper and deeper, it stabbed me,
And dissected by heart piece by piece.

Now I’m like the petals of a withered rose,
Drowning in the ocean of depression.
Who you are, remains a puzzle to me,
Cos’ the pain you caused is a heavy load to bear,
As i thought this could never happen to me.
Who are you to chose my fragile heart to break?


I got feelings rising up my heart,
Like hot lava from a volcanic eruption.
The feelings were so pure,
Till you dived in with your corruption,
Yes!, you were my favourite thing,
You seemed sweeter than anything.

You thought you could just swim in my crystal clear river,
And leave without experiencing a shiver,
No!, no I’m not like those girls, I’m a freaking crazily sweet diva,
I’ll haunt your dreams, and make your soul quiver
Who are you to think, you can melt down my heart?
And still have a solid sweet ice cream girl.

Hey, I’m not diabolic,
But my presence in your life will always be symbolic,
And when the years pass by, when I’ve gotten over you and your filthy sty,
You’ll walk up to me and say Hi…
And I’ll remove my shades, flip my hair,
And ask; “Who are you??”

© SuSu

You came into my life, my heart welcomed you,
I was scared at first, yet gave me reasons not to,
I reminded you how soft my heart can be, you promised to keep it safe,
I fell in love with you, and grew in love with you,
For once I thought, I have someone my heart can call mine,
But then life had a different plan for me.

You proved all my dreams wrong,
You dashed my hope against the stone,
Broke my soft heart, destroyed the love that grew,
The soft heart became shattered, hopeless and helpless and was in pain,
I looked around to see if you would come back,
To fix the broken pieces of my heart, but you were gone too soon.

Love turned sour, I am a woman with a Soft heart,
The love u claimed to have became a sword of pain,
I’m my heart, Whom i love, i love dearly,
Now I’m scared, Will I ever love again?
Can the broken pieces be fixed again?
Love shouldn’t just be a word, but an action.

© Gozy

It all started, when we met at funke’s place,
He seemed cool and very hilarious,
No doubt, he was every ladies man.
He gave the signal, i whispered a feedback,
Our cheeks wrinkled, a heavy smile formed,
Little did i know, we won’t last a lifetime.

He took my pants down, Our love had an encounter.
Who are you, thinking you can walk into my life?
And walk out from it, at anytime of your wish?
You have made me, a replica of Lot’s wife,
Turning my heart, into a pillar of salt,
You have made me sour, and brought me much pains.

A projector memory of you, increases my rage.
Who are you that have soiled, my heart with stones?
The hatred for men, i began to yearn.
Who are you this man?, that puts a woman to shame,
An endless sequence of epistolatory curses,
Gently awaits your soul.

© Adeoye Thrillseeker
Writers ✅

– Okusanya Oyinkansola (Torimiel)
– Ajala Suzan (Susu)
– Ezera Ozioma (Gozy)
– Adeyemi Adeoye (Adeoye Thrillseeker)

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