There’ are many road in our farmyard
Which men are queuing to pass by
Day and night before it closes
Like the gate of a life school

No road,
No lane.
Is what we’re lamenting for
In our village where there’s failure and vain vision.

The towncrier rang the bell last night.
And the news he brought
was beyond our imagination.

Kére, o”
Kóní lé gbó, kóso fún toko,
Òbe ti bàwó nídí
Kábíyèsí àti awon ìgbìmò rè ti se gbé esè lé, gbogbo ànfàní ìlú.
Èèmò! Lukutu pébé..

The Jeremiah of this land
Has smoked huge flames from fire
And ready to swim in rage of war.
To and fro his legs wrinkles in agony
Like a ghost in his aftermath.

Last night, was full of harmony
While piercing on the sky with their flying wings.
But today things have fallen apart
Like a running water that channeled into tributaries
And maybe tomorrow, there will be
A lantern to light our darker room.


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Author: Judaisky

Judaisky is a young writer who believes the world can only be saved PEACEFULLY through the tidings of the ink cos the pen is mightier than the sword. Do You want to know more about me, contact me 09039956005

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