She still turned down my plea, so I let her be and went back into the office with little or no hope, the lecturer was surprised I was back. This time around I told him I would do anything since I couldn’t afford the amount of money Amanda has already placed. He smiled and called me closer and asked me if I could sleep with him, unthought decision. I quickly said no aloud. “Get out from my office, be sure to fail your exams too” he quickly said.
Tears rolled down from my eyes as I said “OK sir”. You could imagine the smile that his face. We exchanged digits. He told me to submit my book on his table and come sit with him, he caressed me and told me he’ll get to me later. With a stern look he gave me strict warnings not to let anyone know about this. I left with fear on cold feet. It wasn’t long till he called and we met at a guest house where I settled him unwillingly.
This incident had created a warehouse of hatred in me. Dug deep in my mind and its foundation layer behind my heart. Painted with the anger that I had no money as my parents were poor and I studied with scholarship. Not because I earned it but because of the pity people had on me and my family. I had put Mr. Brown, that old man who was in his sixties first in this ware house of hatred for taking advantage of my poor financial situation and ignorance even at his age, together with Amanda for leaving me alone in the hands of that blood sucker. Poverty was there too, to encourage me in a way to loathe away from itself, totally.

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