(Tony and David arrive late on Saturday because of traffic and the front left tire that blows.
David runs to embrace his mother while Tony leans on the car, watching them. With that action, Jaycee and her son know sonethjng is weird about him.)

David: Come in Dad, She has furnished every where already. (He beckons on Tony to come in and as Jaycee hears him says Dad, she quivers. He walks in slowly, taking good look at the activities around nearby neighbors.)

Jaycee: good evening dear, Why don’t you want to come in before? (She asks, adjusting David close to her side the more)

Tony: It’s nothing, I will be going back to Abuja early in the morning. (He manages to say as he sits in the couch.
David and his mother are surprised cos everything about him has changed.
He isn’t funny again or even caring.)

David: What’s really wrong Dad. Since you called mum that we are coming home, you have been in this state and I have asked you several times but you keep teling me it’s fine. (He comes closer to him.)

Tony: Ask your mum, she said everything will be resolved when we come home. (As Jaycee’s hears that, her heart skips a bit)

Jaycee: David my son, there is something I would like to tell you cos I believe you have come up of age. (She adjusts her wrapper while Tony puts his left hand on his cheek watching her.)

Actually, Tony here isn’t your biological father, he was only concerned about us and decided to raise you together with me. (She closes her eyes for a while and as Tony is still Watching them both.

David: You say!? (He closes his ears like someone that hears something unpleasant.)

Jaycee: Tony say something please. (Jaycee is already sobbing.)

Tony: I am going back tomorrow. (He feels nonchalant.)

David: But guys, this isn’t making any sense to me. You mean he isn’t my father and he has been taking care of me. Did you guys married and did the wedding at my back without telling me or what. (He feels lost.)

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Tony: Your mother said she can’t marry again. So I think your success in life is what I gained for helping her. (He eyes changes, it becomes wet.)

Jaycee: No Tony, don’t misunderstand me, I mean I can’t marry those that proposed to me.

Tony: Shut up! (He stands up. David and his mother are surprised.)

I told you we should get married and use that as a surprise to David, you said n, you don’t like the idea. I still asked you the day I called to inform you of our visitation and you said you can’t marry again. (He is breathing very hard this time.)

I loved you right from genesis that I can do anything for you, I was the first person that approached you but you said no in capital letter. I did everything I could then to make you understand how deep my love for you was but you were blind or myopic to discern it.
After breaking up with my ex long time ago, I gave up on ladies, with the hope you will wake up one day and say yes to my request but you never looked my way. (Tony cries and runs out of the room. David and Jaycee are dumb, sobbing underneath.)

David: Mum! Are you really this wicked? (He cries out)
If you don’t marry him, who else do you want to marry!? (He breaks the cup next to him.)

Jaycee: You guys misunderstood everything.

David: You are wicked, get out of my way. (He pushes his mother out of his way and goes out.)

What next?

Till I cross your path again_
I hang my pen ????


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