We were quiet, cos we knew that any answer we give would open gates to more unanswerable questions. He went on “I can’t take your books again, go”. Go as in, go with unmarked books. Our C.A. would be zeros in our first year. Ahh! No. Then i whispered to her “let’s beg him” with a nod sign, she concurred and we started begging him almost to the point of urinating on ourselves.
We had already started sweating. He looked at us and asked, this time dropping his book by his side, “Do you really want to submit your books?”. We both nodded as our mouth joined in saying yes. He then smiled and said, “then you have to pay for it”. I knew where my mind went to but I couldn’t tell for Amanda. “I don’t have money” I said. Amanda joined in saying “how much?” I was shocked. He looked at her with interest and asked “how much do you have” she replied “five thousand naira sir”. He made a sign signalling her to drop the money and book on top his table and leave. As she opened her purse I saw two wards containing notes of one thousand naira.
As she was about leaving, i signaled her to wait for me outside. “what are you waiting for? ” he asked me. “Sir I don’t have money” I said, but he sighed with this intense look. I went outside to ask Amanda to please lend me money so that I could settle this lecturer, but she turned me down without any reason. Even lies could be manageable, don’t just say you can’t help me. I began begging her almost to the point of kneeling down, in fact I knelt down.

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