She was the only daughter of Hon. Chief Odumba Obiefuna. Amanda as they called her, was the short form for the name Chimamanda, my enemy right from year one in Federal school. Our enmity began when we met at the mathematics teachers’ office to submit our assignments.
Just when I headed for the Mathematics teachers office, I met my departmental course representative who told me that the lecturer had stopped taking the assignments from anyone submitting now. I decided to make a go for it, maybe I might be lucky. On reaching there, no one was around the office only Amanda. We got into a brief discuss where she told me that she attended the same secondary school I went to and why we were submitting the mathematics assignment late. We decided to take courage and see what the outcome would be. We knocked and got in with greetings.
There he was, a tall man with a bald hair, a red eye shielded by big lenses and a seemingly pointed nose having a big cut by the side. Maybe he go into a fight, cos he looked rough. He also had a black lips hiding his brown gapped teeth under the canopy of a very thick white mustache. Ugly Indeed. He loved putting on brown suits, which gained him the nickname Lecturer Brown, as students call him.
He brought down his eyeglasses and took a good look at us noticing the books on our hands, and then focused back on the book he was reading as he spoke “why are you submitting your books now? You are very late” as he flipped pages.

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