The most dangerous situation in life is to become rich and famous with weaknesses unchecked. – Soul’e Rhymez

Only those who have reached this stage can tell what a tragedy it is, but you never might know because showbiz calls for display of only the good sides of life.

There is no substitute to self-development.
You either develop yourself or you pay heftier price of not developing it much later.
The price paid for self-development is far lesser than that paid as a consequence of such negligence.

Majority of people foolishly believe self-development is only for them to become successful, thus, if they appear to be achieving success with their weaknesses unchecked, they damn every form of education on self-development.

One thing they do not know is that, no matter how successful they are, no one remains at the top for life.
The time one stays at the top is usually very limited, compared to life after it.

Self-development is not only about preparation for success, it also helps one live a good life after stardom. Surely, the plan to succeed is never complete, until you prepare for life after stardom, which comes only through self-development.

Any fool can become a star in anything, but it takes only the wise to maintain stardom, or have a good life it.
The history of the world is filled with stories of people who were once rich, but died poor, who were once famous, but died unknown, who were once loved, but died of negligence and rejection.

Many rich and famous people attempted and committed suicide, many suffer from depression and anxiety and we ask why, even as it seems that they have everything.
I studied the causes very carefully, over the period of two years, and discovered that without any reasonable room for doubt, NARCISSISM is one of them.
Their worst undoing is to believe, just as you believe now, that self-development is only to help you reach your peak in life.

Narcissism is a personality disorder that sometimes can be used as stimulant for success, such as alcohol, drugs, and sex abuse. But there is one similarity; it too destroys its victim just as readily, and in most cases, leads to sex abuse, drug and alcohol addiction, to compete its job.

Research shows that almost everyone now living, suffers from this disorder, some are high, and are some are low.
It is right to say that self-development must start with knowledge and desire to get rid of narcissism in one’s personality.

To help do this, a book has been prepared; it is titled *“HOW WE BECAME NARCISSISTS”.*
This book has been touted by many who has bought and read it, to be, not only the book which helps in overcoming narcissism, but that also help in self-development. You too might want to read it.

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