‘Next time I cross this path, the river will know I’m around because I will disturb her with pleasure. Yea I said it and no one can stop me’ the young man said, casting huge stones from far distance. ‘I will be conspicious and swim in her with all my might’, he sighed. ‘I so much love this place, it’s like a paradise on earth’.

As he was about going home, he heard a sweet voice of an angel just nearby. He traced the voice and discovered a young woman bathing in a stream. Startled in awe, he couldn’t believe to be the only guy there to see the princess nudity. Lust moved him furthermore slowly like a predator trailing his prey. She sang and rubbed her sensitive parts rhythmically like she will bath there forever. ‘I am just a young man of 18, I must find a way to sex the princess, this may be my only opportunity, losing it is stupid but what if she is not alone, he soliloquized.

He deviced a plan and went stark nude towards her to see her reaction. As she saw his phyique, she fell for him, his rod was erect and oily, she skipped a heartbeat as he got closer, then he kissed her, caressed her, pluged his seven inches rod in her virgin cavity and rocked persistently with erotic melodies. His mind corouseled as her cavity firmly wraps his rod and she reciprocated moans from the tingling and outstanding effect his rod was performing in her cavity.

He got possessive and negligently threw his seeds in her. She loved the taste of an astute stranger brave enough to arouse her private kingdom. She thought of banging his rod forever and consequently make him her husband. The young man blinded by lust rocked her for approximately 3 hours relentlessly. She would bite her lips at intervals with massive orgasm that can limb any hard rod but this dude is a stud.

He got through her backside and launched a total historical mutual experience, she felt her energy subside as he caressed her two nations simultaneously. His rod explored deep into her sensual tunnel and at this she collapsed. ‘It’s enough’ she mumbled. Then he withdrew his knight-rod and rain his seeds all over her. She felt cheap but satisfied while he felt lucky and like a king to be. Then he said ‘I love you my princess’, I will ensure we get married, I really love you, the princess replied. Then they slept there till the next day and they lived happily ever after.


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