Wonders do wonder in Nigeria, and I always wonder when these wonders will cease wondering.

_Below is a chat between a friend and I who willingly wants to drop out of school._

He: Ayuss, I swear if I don’t get admission this year ehn, I will just stop the processing.

Me: Really? Either way, it’s your choice . But why the decision?

He: See how one has to struggle before one can be admitted, and at the long run after admission, the troubles in school. You come out unemployed.

Me: (laughs ????????????) Don’t tell me you school to be rich?

He: Your big head like that, must you joke all the time? So why should I school? For schooling sake? Na money matter alaye.

Me: No wonder you’re fed up already, and I can see you’re in love with poverty…..

_I pend other discussions_

You see, This is Nigeria, we all know our country, we all know how we’re living. We know the status of unemployment. Now, I will be disappointed to hear someone tell me he/she is after money through education. My brother/sister, if it’s money, you should know the path to take not education.

I personally toil to school to acquire knowledge and not money. For the issue of money, I know the things I do do earn me something.

Majority get married to poverty out of their trust to education. In Nigeria, Education is an avenue of knowledge and not earning a living. You put all your trust therein and atlast, you get betrayed. Who do you blame? yourself or the government?

As for me, I wouldn’t let those governmental officials betray my future. I have alternatives to earn.

(free flow from a free mind)
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