A Cool breeze blew from the South East as I rolled over on my bed. ‘Who wouldn’t respond well to mother nature?’ I thought as I stretched out. Mavis, our gardener had pleaded with Dad to have the Giant coconut tree opposite my room’s window cut down for security reasons, but I stood firm against it. I went Green! We should conserve nature, shouldn’t we? The leaves of the tree danced and its careless whisper buzzed in my ears. Welcome to the good life, Darlene. I flung my window open and the heavy wind pushed my hair back. I spread my arms out as the tiny drops of rain trickled on my face. TGIF! I smiled.
“Stop this, Dad.” Dora yelled as Sir Williams pushed my door open.
My splendid moment was short lived. “Whoever dubbed you with the ‘Sir’ tag should be here to witness your barging in on your daughter at 5 in the morning. Insomnia?” I asked. Sir Williams is such a ‘joy killer’. I thought.
The Oba of Lagos dubbed him ‘Sir’. The King deemed it fit to recognize Dad because of his numerous achievements and additions to the society.
“You got a restraining order on Daniel, how could you?” Dad asked.
I widened my eyes in surprise.
“Dad, I can’t believe you came all the way here to challenge me on a closed case.” I said with a grin.
“Quit the Sarcasm, Darlene. That was pure injustice. Is it because the kid has no one to defend him?” he asked angrily.
“I was defenseless when he attacked me that night.”
Dad hissed. “You should have awaited my orders.” He said, taking his seat.
I screamed so loud that Dad had to cover his eyes, yes, his eyes. “Can you hear yourself Sir Williams? I didn’t trust him, it was up to the judge to decide, and after hearing our sides, he granted it. That was the Judge’s decision, not mine.” I replied.
“Oh come off it Darlene, the Judge decided based on your background.”
‘Background?!’ Sir Williams baffled me. “That should be your fault, not mine. I never requested to be born to you, God decided. Why are you so interested in this case? Is he also your son?” I asked, raising my voice.
“I only want some justice for a young man who tried to get close to you and you used your status to kick him away.”
I groaned. “Stop sounding like this Dad. Everything I am and I have, I have earned. I don’t get my salary from you or your firm. I work. If you feel so attached to him, adopt him, or rather, acknowledge him. He could be your son and I could care less.” I said, glancing at Dora.
She swallowed. “I am sorry Dora. I didn’t mean it that way”
“It’s Okay.” She replied.
Dad shook his head. “Darlene, you need to be a better person. The fact that you are in a position of advantage doesn’t mean you should lock up everyone against you.”
“Sir, I didn’t lock up that truant, he is a stalker!”
Dad threw his hand back in anger and I missed been hit by an inch. I sunk into my bed.
“What is it with you Dad?” Dora yelled.
He turned to her in anger. “Stay out of this.” He replied.
“Why should I? I watched you yell at my sister for no genuine reason. Daniel is a stalker and he got restrained, so what?” she shouted.
“You too?”
She rolled her eyes. “I think D is right. Who is Daniel to you? Alternatively, who is Daniel to us? Is he our brother?”
“Daniel isn’t your brother. He is a young man with no one, he is good and he is my friend.”
Dora scoffed. “It turns out that you know little about your friend, he is not safe!”
I was shocked. I watched Dad and Dora talk and raise voices at each other while I nursed my cheek softly. If only Dad had hit me…
“You,” Dad shouted pointing at me. “And you too,” he added, widening his eyes at Dora. “I won’t let any of my kids victimize innocent people because they can the shots.” He shouted.
I stared at him carefully. “Have you been drinking too much Vodka?” I asked.
“Wow!” Dora burst into laughter.
Dad stared angrily. “What’s funny Dora? D…” he cursed silently and stormed out.
“Never touch alcohol Dora.” I said, sprawling out on the bed.
She sat down on the bedside. “He is not drunk. At least, it is not as bad as you think.”
“You think? How else can you explain a man of Dad’s age not being able to sleep and then he decided to visit an issue that had been closed since lunch time yesterday.” I said, rubbing my cheek.
Dora sighed. “Much ado about nada! He did not hit you!” I dropped my hand from my face and grimaced. “Dad couldn’t sleep. He read about Daniel’s case in the local feeds.”
“I’ll say there’s more to Daniel and Dad than what meets the eye.”
She nodded. “There is, but I don’t know if he was completely honest with me when he said that Daniel is the son of a late close friend.”
I fetched my bathrobe. “So, it’s the traditional dying wish of
‘Please take of my son ’ and your Dad must be trying to do just that, right? Isn’t Daniel too old for ‘babysitting’? I said, turning on the shower.
“You don’t have your bath this early.” Dora said, closing the windows.
“Dad has ruined my morning. So I’ll just have my bath, and surf the Internet for a while before heading out.” I replied. “I’ll be back by noon to prepare for the dinner.”
I slipped into my bathrobe. “Want to see my dress?”
“Yes, please.” She replied.
I opened the closet and dropped the dress on the bed.
“Wow!” she turned the dress to its back. “This is a statement. I’ll put your make up on.”
I stared at her.
“Don’t be scared. I had my make-up classes at The House of Tara; you do know what it is to have Tara Durotoye take your make-up classes, right? She said, proudly.
I rolled my eyes. Undoubtedly, Tara Durotoye is a force to reckon with in the country when it came to events, she couldn’t get it wrong. Did Dora have to brag about going to her make-up school? Next thing, she will be telling me that she is dancing at Kaffy’s School.
“I don’t want a make-over. The dress is good enough.” I warned.
She curtsied. “As your lordship pleases”
“Thank you.” I dashed into the Bathroom to avoid my hot water bath going cold.
I was about shutting the elevator doors when Dare stepped in.
“Morning Darlene,”
“Morning Dare.”
He smiled. “Thanks for yesterday.”
“For nothing, hope you feel a lot better?” I asked.
He nodded. “Couldn’t be any better. Big night ahead, you set?”
“I am.” I replied. ‘It is just an opening speech’ I thought. Why so much fuss? Anyone could read an opening speech, well not anyone, especially at an event of huge magnitude.
Dare cleared his throat as the elevator door opened to the last floor.
“Darlene, please be my date tonight.” He said, with a smile.

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