LIFE OF A SHY GUY (episode 12)

The following week, I made
sure that I woke up very early
in order to get to school on
time. I knew I had a lot to cover.
Sharon gave me her notebooks for
me to go through all what was
thought in class the previous week. I
didn’t go home immediately after
lectures. I had to cover what was
thought the previous week before
going home. I located an empty class
where I could sit alone and go
through all what was thought the
previous week. I busied myself
After 10 minutes of reading, I heard
someone calling my name. my heart
missed a beat when I realized it was
a familiar voice. I prayed silently
that it shouldn’t be who I was
thinking. I slowly raised my head to
see Sylvia standing at the door. my
eyes widen in shock. How did she
find me here? what is she even
doing here? I thought Mustack told
me that he didn’t say anything to
her. so he lied to me. what will I do
now? how will I get out of this. what
will she do or say this time? I’m
She started walking towards me. her
every step increased my heartbeat. I
thought of jumping out through the
window but decided against it,
knowing fully well that I might
injure myself if I do that. since I had
no other idea of what to do, I only
fixed my gaze on the floor and
awaited what would befall me. she
got to me and stood beside me.
“hi Christian” she said
I slowly raised my head to see if she
was actually the one standing beside
me or not, because I was expecting
her to start barking immediately
she get to me.
“can I sit?” she asked, pointing to
the available space beside me.
I didn’t respond. I just kept staring
blankly into air. what is she trying
to do this time? I thought.
“can I sit?” she repeated when I
didn’t respond.
I nodded and she immediately sat
beside me. she fixed her gaze on the
book I was holding without saying a
word. I was uncomfortable having
her by my side. After a while of
deafening silence, she finally spoke.
“Christian I actually…” she paused
“I don’t even know how to say this
right now” she continued
“I don’t have any excuse for my
action the other day. I really don’t
know what came over me. I left
home very angry that day, because
someone offended me. I was so
angry to the extent that I was
having headache. I just had to
unleash the anger in me before it
chokes me. that was why I got mad
at you when you only try to pay my
fare. I’m really sorry. I just hope
you can forgive me. I have always
wanted to apologize all this while
but was scared you might get mad at
me. I’m very sorry. please forgive
me” she pleaded.
I didn’t respond. I just kept staring
into air. The fact that Sylvia, who I
thought was actually coming to
descend on me, was actually
apologizing, made me surprised.
She placed her hand on my shoulder
and stared into my eyes. I couldn’t
stare back at her. I fixed my gaze on
the floor.
“Christian please forgive me. I’m
really sorry” she said
“I have forgiven you” I managed to
I had to say it, for her to stop
boring hole on my body. her
closeness was making me very
uncomfortable. I was not even
angry with her in the first place.
“I know that didn’t come from your
heart” she said
“I have forgiven you. I was not even
angry with you.” I said
“I don’t believe you. Okay if you
have really forgiven me like you
said, let me invite you to my place
for dinner tonight. if you accept, I
will know that you have really
forgiven me” she said
‘Your place’ i mumbled to myself.
She wants to put me in a tight
position now. why can’t she just
believe that I have forgiven her.
now, she’s inviting me for dinner. I
had never been comfortable having
a lady in my room. going to a lady’s
house might be disastrous. how will
I politely turn down her request?
that’s one of my problem. I don’t
know how to politely turn down a
lady’s request. I always agree to all
their request, no matter what it cost
“do you accept my invitation? she
“okay” I nodded
“thanks very much I’m really
grateful.” she said
“okay” I responded
“I can see you were busy before I
came. let me leave you, so that you
can continue with what you are
doing” she said
“okay” I responded
she stood up, carried her bag and
I couldn’t continue with what I was
reading. I parked my books and left
the class. I went straight home to
prepare myself for the dinner in
order not to embarrass myself in
her house.

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