THE UNEXPECTED LOVE (Season 1 Episode 29).

(Tochi in school)
Season 1
Episode 29
Still on break period, Esther had refused to move an inch from her seat looking disappointed. She was actually spacing out through the window with a red handkerchief on her shoulder. On her wrist was also a red digital watch. If it was in her capacity, she would have done something diabolical just to win Wisdom’s heart. As she stared through the Window, she saw Chester with Wisdom discussing at the assembly ground.
“Guy, i want to tell you something” Chester began. “It isn’t good to treat Esther like that. Since you can’t feel the way she feels, still show her that you care”
“I understand, bro, i will do that but i need to free my conscience today”
“What do you mean?”
“I want to tell Tochi how i really feel”
“Are you serious?”
“Yes, bro”
“Hmm, well good luck with that” he bent down his head looking a bit sad. Wisdom noticed it and underly glanced at his face.
“What is it, bro?” he asked.
“It’s just crazy to know that the one you love doesn’t love you”
“I still don’t understand. Are you in love? Habah!” he smiled. “You of all people? I thought you never wanted to do anything with girls”
“Forget, bro”
“No, tell me, who’s this girl that has taken your heart?” Wisdom asked and immediately Chester looked towards the window where Esther was staring followed by Wisdom. As Esther notice them looking at her, she locked the window. So Wisdom didn’t need another clarification to know that Chester was inlove with Esther, then he stared at him speechless. Just then, the bell rang.
Wisdom resumed his duties While Chester gently walked inside the classroom with a hand inside his pocket. His singlet was visibly seen through the white shirt and his black belt matched with his black shoes. On his neck was a golden necklace and on his wrist was a chain golden watch. He walked straight to Esther’s seat where she was resting her head and gently touched her.
“Good afternoon” Esther raised her head.
“You look so depressed and you have not been outside throughout today. What is it?”
“Nothing” she gave a weak smile and stretched herself. “How are you today?” she asked.
“I’m not good”
“Because you aren’t good too”
“Come on, I’m okay” Esther smiled again staring at him which also made Chester to smile. Seeing that, some group of female student at the back of the classroom shouted, “Chester easy oh! You are charming our girl!”
Everybody’s attention went to Esther and Chester who began to smile seriously without knowing how to defend the funny accusation.
“Though, you have to see me first before asking her hand in marriage” one of the girls said and Melody gave a weak smile feeling a bit jealous.
“You better shot that your mouth there oh!” Esther rebuked the girl with smiles on her face.
“We have freedom of speech” Chester spoke out. “At least Buhari has not deprived us from that. So speak!” he added and Esther gared at him smiling.
“Chei!” the girl exclaimed. “For this thing wey you talk now, you are free to take Esther home immediately, i have given her to you free of charge!” everybody began to laughed. Chester looked at Esther romantically and went to his seat, yet Melody couldn’t stop being jealous.
Tochi had refused to tell Linda her plans to meet Wisdom because she would have disagreed on it, so she remained inside the classroom until all the students left. She looked through the open door and saw Jennifer and Calista walking home, then her heart skipped. Unfortunately to her, they saw her and came inside the class.
“Good afternoon seniors” she greeted and carried her bag to go.
“Seat down, we need to talk” Jennifer prevented her. “Listen, you don’t know how extreme i can go just to have Wisdom. So I’m kindly advising you to stay away from him or you will regret it. Have i made myself clear?”
Tochi nodded her head positively and they went out.
On the other hand, Esther walked out of the classroom ready to go and Wisdom met her. She knew he wanted to talk to her but neglected him and walked home.
“What?” Chester came around.
“She doesn’t want to talk to me” Wisdom replied.
“Let her be for now”
“Alright, bro” they shook hands and departed.
All had gone home leaving Tochi who sat patiently alone in the classroom waiting for Wisdom. She saw him walking through the door and her heart began to beat faster, then she exhaled deeply and walked towards the window to spit out. (She was really nervous). Before she turned, she saw Wisdom standing close to her.
“Good afternoon…” her voice broke and couldn’t look at his face.
“Tochukwu” Wisdom called and positioned her face in a way he stared into her lovely eyes.
“Yes? What is it that you want to tell me?”
“I want to tell you who my heart beat for, who i can’t stop thinking of, the woman that has taken my heart, the woman i wish she feels the way i feel, the woman i love so much”
“And who is she?” Tochi asked staring at his attractive lips and feeling her heartbeat.
“Is you Tochi” Wisdom replied…
to be continued…….

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