THE DEADLY MARK (Book hunters) Season 2 Episode 34

(Book hunters)
Season 2

Episode 34
Cassandra became speechless hearing that Ruth will be a mother in the next nine months.
“Who’s responsible?” she asked.
“What type of question is that?”
“I’m sorry, is Lawson aware?”
“Not yet”
Cassandra continued her work likewise Mrs Jonas.
“But you should let him know about it” she added without looking at her.
“Yes, i will”
Cassandra stopped, she stared at her and eventually hugged her smiling. Even Ruth became surprised for such an unexpected hug.
“I hope I’m safe?” she asked.
“I’m so happy for you” Cassandra replied.
“But i hope he accept it and marry you legally” Mrs Jonas added.
“I hope so, mother” Ruth replied.
The day was getting dark, when Cassandra and Daniel arrived at the hospital with provisions for Kelly. Meanwhile, Grace and Nelikita were on their way to meet Hector as Grace requested.
Cassandra couldn’t stop smiling when she saw Kelly up and kicking. She hugged him.
“Xup bro?” Daniel shook hands with him.
“I’m so happy to see you guys” Kelly said.
Cassandra handed the provision to him and sat beside him with her hands across his shoulder still smiling making her beauty more charming.
Kelly looked at her. “I admire your kindness and courage. You are indeed a heroin” he said.
“Is okay, thanks to you and all my friends too. Without you guys, i wouldn’t have don’t it”
They smiled at each other happily.
“Hasn’t Nelikita come?” Daniel asked.
“She just left with Grace”
“Grace?!” Cassandra exclaimed looking at Daniel.
“Yeah, according to Nelly, they are going to see Hector”
“Any problem?”
“No, Grace pleaded for her to take her to Hector because he wasn’t picking her calls”
Cassandra and Daniel looked at each other. Even Kelly noticed somethin.
“Is there anythin going on between you and Grace?” he asked Daniel.
“Nothing much, we broke up” he replied.
“U have to take your dinner” Cassandra changed the topic and looked at Daniel to know if he was sad or not.
The sound was crickets were heard as Nelikita and Grace walked towards the resident of Zega.
“Can i ask you somethin?” Nelly began.
“What’s it?” Grace questioned without looking at her.
“Why did you choose Hector over Daniel?”
“And who told you i was dating Daniel?”
“Weren’t you?”
Grace kept quiet and walked briskly. Nelly wanted to encourage her to go back to Daniel and leave Hector because she knew her brother was a player but the expression on Grace’s face discouraged her. So she kept quiet.
Just at the entrance of the house, they could her a girl shouting emotionally and romantically inside Hector’s room. Grace opened her ears widely. They quietly entered and saw a woman’s bag and a dress on the floor.
Inside the room, Hector and the girl were totally naked vibrating the whole bed. Her breast loosed control flinging at any direction. The nipples were up and strong and the hair in her pubic part looked attractive as she stood up to suck Hector’s dick. She grabbed it and robbed it vigorously. Then Hector groaned feelin the tip sensation on his dick. He suddenly handled the girl’s breast and began to suck them one after the other. The girl positioned in a doggy style and Hector couldn’t wait to penetrate into the wide opened vagina.
“Aauuushh!” the girl shouted to the hearing of Grace and Nelly who were in the sittingroom observing when Hector finally began to ejaculate.
“Fuck me baby, fuck me!” the girl exclaimed bending down. Her breast didn’t need to dangle much coz it wasn’t fallen. They stood erect just like the nipples looking very attractive..
In the sittingroom, Grace became disappointed and tears ran down her eyes. Nelly remained speechless but wasn’t surprise because that was not the first time she witnessed such a thing.
“This is what i have been meaning to tell you” she said. “My brother isn’t a lover but a player”
“So, this is why he had been ignoring my calls?” Grace cried.
“No doubt” Nelly replied.
Grace angrily walked out in tears feeling heartbroken. Then Nelly followed her.
Still inside the room, the girl was on the bed facing upward as Hector banged her hard continuously. She suddenly held her breath for some seconds robbing her clitoris vigorously and let it out. She screamed breathing heavily with smiles on her face. Sooner did she feel a hot sperm on her stomach, then she robbed it around her belly.
As Grace cried home and Nelikita returned to the hospital, Daniel and Cassandra were on their way back home to his apartment. Light from different angles shone on the street given the night a name-Colourful night. They wore the same black jacket with their hands inside it’s pockets. Daniel suddenly brought out one of his hands and held her shoulder, then Cassandra brought her head closer to his chest.
“You are pretty strong and romantic at the same time” Daniel began. “I wonder how good you are in other ways”
“What other ways?”
“Cooking, swimming and.. Swimming”
Cassandra laughed and understood him. “Silly boy!” she concluded..

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