THE DEADLY MARK ( Book hunters) Season 2 Episode 23

(Love hunters)
Season 2
Episode 23
Daniel rushed out from his apartment towards the main road only to see Lawson already waiting for him with his car. He quickly jumped in and fastened his seat belt.
“What’s going on mehn?!” he asked as Lawson drove with a high speed.
“Demn policemen will never stop pestering Cassandra!”
“What a heck do they want from her?”
“I have no idea!”
They could see damaged houses and cars as they sped through a narrow road. Cars weren’t much on the road which made only the sound of their car echoed the whole area.
Cassandra met face to face with DPO Cane again in his office. She met him in a different mood looking unhappy.
“Can you tell me what you know about what happened last night?” the DPO asked.
“It has to do with the same book and me” she replied.
The DPO rested on his chair with his fingers on his jaw waiting for her to continue.
“They are hunters” Cassandra continued.
“Love hunters?”
“No, book hunters”
DPO Cane sat up with his hands placed on the table looking straight in her eyes.
“What’s the book for and how did you get it?”
“The book was left by my late mother and I’m to protect it from the hunters”
“Otherwise, what will happen?”
“That same thing that happened last night and many more will still happen” Cassandra’s voice was bold and firm. One could see her chest moving up and down caused by external respiration.
“So you mean they have gotten the book already”
“Yes, and they will never stop until they get me. Kali citizens will die if the book isn’t taken from them. So let me out of this ass hold before something get terribly wrong!”
“Who are these book hunters?” DPO cane was still inquisitive.
“I don’t know, i think they had issue with my late mother and want to take revenge by killing me. Can i go now?!”
“Do you know that according to law you are the cause of all this and need to be but behind bars?”
“Fuck you, DPO! Do you think i wanted all this to happen?! Do you really think is my fault?! Well, think again!”
The DPO remained quiet but a noise from outside interrupted him from his meditation.
Cassandra turned sharply when she heard the familiar voices. “Daniel?” Lawson?” she stood up.
“You sit your ass down here!” the DPO commanded and walked out to see what was happening.
A metal protector demarcated Lawson and Daniel from the policemen who pointed guns at them telling them to leave.
“Just get her outta there! She hasn’t done anything wrong!” Lawson exclaimed.
“You don’t know what’s gonna befall this city without her!” Daniel added.
The DPO came out. “What’s your problem?” he asked them.
“You have to release Cassandra!”
“Well, i think you leave this place or you die”
Before they knew what was happening, a hunter angrily walked towards the station.
Lawson turned sharply and began to shoot him but he kept coming. Daniel wanted to fight him but he kicked him off.
“Did you see that?!” Lawson turned to the DPO.
Meanwhile, the policemen had positioned with their guns waiting for the order to shoot.
“Fire!” the DPO commanded. Then they began to shoot, yet the hunter was still coming, running gradually…
Hector was ready. He came out only to see people running helter and skelter. Then he sped off to Cassandra’s resident and found only Mrs Jonas who told her that Cassandra was in the police station. Then he sped off again.
The policemen began to move back as they shot continuously. The hunter grabbed the protector and separated it with his two hands. The DPO ran back to his office only to find Cassandra gone.
“Where is she?” he thought.
However, Cassandra had stood face to face with the hunter. While the policemen watched them when they got tired of shooting. But something happened..
Hector arrives with a speed and took the hunter with him to far distance and came back immediately. The policemen stared at him in surprise. Cassandra smiled breathing heavily as Hector stood before her.
Daniel became jealous.
“Come on, Let’s go” Hector smiled back and sped off with her.
Seeing that, Lawson and Daniel also drove off.
“Allow them” the DPO told his men. “Now go and save the city!” he commanded.
Nelikita had left Kelly from the hospital when she also heard the shout of people. She began to run. She wasn’t a good runner. Just at the main road, she saw a hunter trying to hurt a man.
“Leave him alone!” she shouted.
When the hunter saw her, he smiled and threw down the man walking towards her.
“You and your brother are fools!” he said.
Before he got close to her, Nelly stretched her hand and he found himself hanging in the air and eventually hit himself on the wall still hanging. Then Nelly dialed Cassandra’s number instantly but her mother picked.
“Cassandra isn’t at home!”
“Where is she?!”
“She was taken by the police!”
“Police? For what?”
Nelikita didn’t know when she brought down her hand and the hunter attacked her. Then she found herself on ground. Luckily to her Lawson and Daniel arrived and began to shoot the hunter who ran away..

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