THE DEADLY MARK ( Book hunters) Season 2 Episode 22

(Book hunters)
Season 2
Episode 22
Mrs Jonas was not to go anywhere instructed by Cassandra. She gently opened her door and found her totally awake in bed. She sat with her legs folded gazing out through the window. One can tell that she didn’t have a nice sleep from the look on her face. Of course she noticed her mother’s presence but kept quiet. Her heart was heavy and her mind filled up. What could she possibly think that put her in such mood or gave her a sleepless night, the book, the police, Ruth or Grace? She didn’t just understand her life anymore. Then the mother noticed her grieve and quietly sat beside her.
“I want to tell you something my daughter” she began. “I have noticed your relationship with your friends and i can tell you that you aren’t flowing with some of them. I don’t know why but i must tell you in life love supersedes all. You have a kind heart unlike your mother, so please, don’t allow anything weigh you down. Be strong! Don’t allow anybody’s attitude or anything isolate you from the love you have for them. I’m sure you will be great and remembered in Kali city one day”
Already Cassandra was down with tears in her eyes. “But mother, why must it be me? Why must i be incharge of what i don’t know about? I barely know my biological mother and I’m hear suffering what she left. I just wish everything go back to the way it was”
“Don’t blame yourself. Never forget things happen for a reason, okay?” she hugged her and dried her tears. Sooner did they hear a knock on the door and walked out only to see policemen standing at the door…
Ruth slept in Lawson’s apartment because of the horrible tragedy that happened the previous night. She jerked awake and found Lawson dressing up.
“Where are you going?” she asked and sat on the edge of the bed.
“Just trying to check how things are going”
“Really? Do you know it will be good if you become a president or governor”
Lawson smiled. “Why did you say so?” he asked without looking at her.
“Because you are always concern about other people’s life making sure they are safe”
“Are you just noticing it?”
They became quiet, only the jingling of Lawson’s belt was heard as Ruth kept looking at him.
“I’m sorry, honey” she said. Then Lawson stopped and looked at her in surprise.
“What are you sorry for?” he asked.
“For accusing you wrongly”
Lawson suspended what he was doing and sat beside her. He placed his hand on her shoulder.
“My love, you have every reason to be jealous. That’s part of us as human beings but you shouldn’t allow that take over you. I know i acted a little bit.. interested in Cassandra but that wasn’t real. You are the one i love and will always love”
“Thank you” Ruth smiled and kissed him.
“But don’t you think you have to make up with Cassandra?” Lawson asked.
“Don’t worry about that, i will” she replied before Lawson stood up and brought out a gun. Ruth gasped with her hand on her chest breathing heavily.
“Do you want to kill me?!” she exclaimed.
“No, dear”
“Please put that away from me!”
“No, have it!”
“For what?!”
“For the hunters”
“No, i can’t”
“You have to, honey”
Ruth gradually took the gun.
“Just shoot them right on their forehead” Lawson instructed.
“Like seriously?”
“Yes, baby” he gave her a peck and smiled out. “What a delicate and fragile girl she is?” he thought.
“Good morning, ma’am” the policeman greeted.
“What can we do for you?” Cassandra asked.
“Ma’am, we are investigating what happened last night and you are a suspect”
“Don’t be ridiculous!”
“But you were found with d deadly men that attacked the citizens”
Cassandra remained quiet and glanced at her mother.
“Please, ma’am, we are only doing our job, so you have to follow us to the station for interrogations”
“No, my daughter is not going anywhere!” Mrs Jonas defended.
“Is okay, mother” Cassandra began. “Call Lawson and Daniel, tell them my way about” she turned to the policeman. “Let’s proceed officer” she concluded and they left.
Meanwhile, Hector had prepared and calculated on how they will make their move before sun set.
On the other hand, Nelikita was already in the hospital beside Kelly who’s neck and head were bandaged.
“I’m so happy to see you” Nelly held his hand. “If i knew i wouldn’t have given you the book”
“Is okay” Kelly said with a low voice. “By the way, where is the book?”
“They took it”
“Fuck!” he managed to turn his head bitterly.
“Don’t worry, we gonna get it back”
Just then a doctor walked in and checked on him.
“How is he doctor?”
“He was injured badly but he will be okay”
“Like how long?”
“A week or two”
Nelly looked at Kelly and smiled at him. “You will be okay” she concluded.
Before Mrs Jonas look for Lawson’s number on Cassandra’s phone, he arrived.
“Yes, i was about to call you”
“What happened?”
“The police has taken Cassandra!”
Lawson rushed out into his car immediately and drove off. Then he brought out his phone.
“Hello, Daniel, Cassandra has been taken by the police” he cut the call….

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