THE DEADLY MARK ( Book hunters) Season 2 Episode 8

(Book hunters)
Season 2
Episode 8
The sound of the carrot and the knife which Ruth used to send them into the boiling pot echoed the whole kitchen. She was still waiting for Cassandra to harangue after she dropped the phone-call with Lawson. Cassandra could sense jealousy and pains on her face as she angrily added ingredients into the boiling pot. So she adjusted forward looking at her without knowing what else to say.
“I can assure you that you aren’t gonna lose Lawson to me. That will never happen” she urged her but Ruth never said a word. “I’ll probably tell him to stay away from me. I don’t need his help anymore. I think that will be better” she waited for her to say something yet, Ruth didn’t say a word. Then Cassandra gently walked out angrily before Ruth stood steel in the kitchen looking at the direction of the door.
There was no obsolete item in the supermarket or in Grace and Hector’s bags. They kept smiling at each other without knowing why.
“Can we grab a cup coffee sometimes somewhere?” Hector requested still smiling.
“Are you asking me out for a date?” Grace threw back the question. Then Hector shruggled his shoulder and hands behaving as if he lacked words.
“You can call it a date, if you want” he replied.
“Okay then”
They exchanged numbers and smiled out to the cashier. Grace never cease to admire his handsomeness as they paid and walked out of the supermarket.
Kelly, Lawson and Daniel were all together in Kelly’s apartment having fun as said earlier by Lawson to Cassandra on the phone. But Lawson suddenly kept quiet gazing at the wall.
“What’s the problem, bro?” Daniel asked him.
“Can you imaging?” he leaned forward. “Ruth thinks i have something doing with Cassandra”
Kelly and Daniel looked at each other in surprise.
“Is normal” Daniel began. “Any other woman will act the same way. Even almighty God is a jealous God talk less of human beings, a girl for that matter”
“But why?”
“Check yourself, guy” Daniel concluded. Immediately Kelly’s phone rang-Nelikita was calling.
“Hello, Kelly”
“Hi, Nelly”
Hearing the name ‘Nelly’ Lawson glanced at Daniel apprehensivly.
“Can i visit you?” Nelly asked.
“Why not?”
“Well, open your door”
“My door?”
Lawson and Daniel watched him as he walked towards the door and behold Nelikita standing at the door. He opened it silently and she walked in looking at Lawson and Daniel’s.
“Hi” she greeted smiling and looking innocent, but her beauty glows.
“Are you not, Neliki..”
“Nelikita” She interrupted Daniel.
“You are welcome”
Lawson was still silent observing her character and beauty. Also remembering the tremendous power she exhibited in the party. Even, Nelikita didn’t care of what he thought of her. Then she quietly sat down on the bed.
“You paid me a surprise visit” Kelly stretched his hand.
“I thought you love surprises”
“Ok, that’s why”
Silence took over the room. Then Lawson stood up walking towards the door. “We shall talk later, bro” he told Kelly.
“I hope my presence isn’t irritating you?” Nelikita asked him from the bed. But he gared at her silently without saying a word and went out…
Cassandra sluggishly opened their parlour door and closed it. She sat on the cushion alone feeling rejected by her friend, Ruth. Thessy, who was the second person closed to her was no more, and she had never been in good terms with Grace. Even Daniel who she deeply fell inlove couldn’t notice her feelings, and d book was another headache to her. Then she brought out her phone and dialed Kelly’s number.
“Hello, Kelly”
“Hi, Cassandra, are you okay?”
“I’m fine, just…” she paused.
Kelly felt unspoken words from her which got him worried.
“Where are you?” he asked.
“I’m at home”
“You are worried, what is it?” Suddenly, Cassandra heard a noise from the roof of the house.
“Hold on” she told Kelly and sharply walked inside her room. She found a dead looking human being sniffing around her room and also turned sharply looking at her. He wore a torn black cloth with his teeth visibly scattered.
“You!” he exclaimed with a deep scary voice walking close to her. Then Cassandra gently brought down the phone leaving it connected to Kelly.
“Where is that book?!” the hunter asked angrily and forcefully grabbed Cassandra on the neck which caused the phone to fall on the floor. His fingernails were dirty and long, even his skin was peeled off. The hair on his head, hands and legs were as gray as a white wood ash. But Cassandra struggled to disengage his hands from her neck.
“Cassandra?” Kelly’s voice sounded from the phone on the floor. “Cassandra! Cassandra…!!”
Daniel and Nelikita stared at Kelly in anticipation because his voice sounded scary.
“What is it, man?” Daniel questioned.
“I think Cassandra is in trouble” Kelly responded dressing up. “We need to go to their house now!”
“Can i join you?” Nelikita asked.
“Come on, let’s go” Kelly permitted her and they ran out..

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