TGE DEADLY MARK ( Book hunters) Season 2 Episode 20

(Book hunter)
Season 2
Episode 20
Nelikita was able to save people who materials tried to fall on top while Hector didn’t want his power to be revealed, so he stood aside watching Cassandra just like the policemen. Even citizens who thought they were on a safer position, watched her standing in the middle of the road looking at the hunter on the building still with the girl in his hand ready to drop her for any dangerous move make by the policemen.
“Just release her and get me!!” Cassandra shouted with an audible voice. She wore a gown which wind blew backward continuously and simultaneously with her hair.
“I have been waiting for this time, little witch!” the hunger began. “Your mother didn’t escape my wrath neither will you!”
“Then come and get me!!”
“Oh, really? I see!”
The hunter released the girl up from the cliff and Hector sped off to save her without anybody noticing it. Then the hunter flew down to meet Cassandra. The Policemen shot him continuously but none was efficacious.
Getting close to Cassandra, the hunter was no where to be found again-Hector carried him with a high speed more than air in motion.
“Come on, Cassandra, let’s go!” Nelly shouted before they took off.
The policemen were confused about everything, the girl that was dropped off from d cliff nd how the hunter didn’t respond to bullets and suddenly disappeared within a twinkle of an eye. They also entered their vehicles and drove off.
“This is 605 we are heading north east, i repeat, north east” a policeman sounded on a phone and made a U-turn..
Hector took the hunter to a dark lonely place-but a street light made the area visible. Then he dropped him and gave him a powerful punch that got his waist landed on the floor. He rushed and grabbed him again.
“Now tell me were my stone is!”
“You are a fool! Do you really think i will give that stone without sticking to our plans?”
“Fuck you!”
Hector could give him another punch but he withstood it and returned it to him. Hector fell on the floor. Before he stood up, the hunter took on his heels. Of course Hector knew he would have gotten him if he wanted but he just allowed him to go. Sooner did he hear the police coming so he sped off.
Lawson was still trying to figure out how the hunter just disappeared in Mrs Jonas’s resident when Daniel came out with Mrs Jonas.
“Where is the hunter?” Daniel questioned in surprise.
“I don’t know! I turned only to find him gone”
Daniel ran towards the window to check if he was there but he came back negative.
“Have you been able to reach Ruth?” he asked.
“No, she’s not picking”
In the front of the house, as Cassandra and Nelly tried to enter through the door, a wind just blew inbetween them into the house-that was Hector. All came in.
“How’s the city?” Lawson asked.
“I don’t know, devastated i think” Cassandra replied and hugged her mother. “You have to leave the city, mother” she told her but she never responded.
“I think this hunters cannot be killed by bullets” Daniel broke the silence.
“Yes” Cassandra stepped forward. “Only the book can render the power powerless and finally kill them”
“Then let’s find the book” Hector agreed.
“Now you are reasoning like a human being”
“I’m sorry, i didn’t know the book was so powerful and also the intention of the hunters for demanding it at the first time”
Cassandra kept quiet.
“But what do they really want?” Daniel questioned.
“The question is who?” replied Cassandra.
“What do you mean by that?”
“They want get me just as they got my mother and finally take over the city..” she paused.
Everywhere became quiet again and all stared at her.
“And i want to give up to avoid lost of lives in the city” Cassandra completed.
“No my daughter, you can’t do that!” Mrs Jonas cried.
“I have to, mother”
“No way!” Daniel step forward and looked straight into her eyes. “I disagree with that, even if it takes the last drop of my blood, i will make sure that the book is found and nothing happens to you”
Cassandra smiled at him and gave him a hug but with eyes full of tears. Suddenly, Lawson’s phone rang.
“Hello, Ruth! Are you okay?”
“I’m fine where are you?!”
Lawson hesitated a bit looking at Cassandra. “I’m in Cassandra’s” he responded.
“I’m scared!”
“Don’t be scared baby, I’m coming right now to pick you”
Lawson dropped the call and rushed out immediately.
“Put on the television lets see what’s going on” Nelly suggested and all sat on the cushion ready to watch what was happening in the city.
A female journalist stood with a microphone on the television: Kali city is being attacked by unknown deadly men and lives have been lost tonight because of these men..
Cassandra laid her head on Daniel’s shoulder feeling guilty. He noticed it and rubbed her back.
“Is not your fault” he whispered.
The journalist continued: The police are making sure that they get to the root of this tragedy. Already, they are suspecting our heroine who broke the cause of the deadly mark..
Just then, Lawson arrived with Ruth..

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