No matter how long dead a fox might be, no scion of fowls dare go near the remains let alone to toy with its mane.
– African Proverb.

Soul’e Rhymez stated that some set of people lack brains and are victims of low self esteem. I however wonder how mad a man could be to beat the drums of hypocrisy towards his neighbor. Even if his neighbor is deaf, the sounds of a torn drum shall echo so loud that his family won’t see sleep throughout the night. Well, if I had such an issue at all, it’s not befitting to come from Stephen’s mouth.

Soul’e Rhymez is just a megalomaniac, a writer who feels he can ascend beyond the sky even when the grey haired fathers are still trying to build one. Well, that’s no crime in aiming high but only a stupid man would want to use other men as a step up to his ladder of success. You always end up falling in a bottomless pit and when you are left with no choice, you start justifying your wrongdoings just as to appear all perfect to the larger world.

And he made mention of crappy people who come around, pay for shows to badmouth him later! I believe you haven’t forgotten the series of messages sent into my inbox before that day, how quick time flies. Maybe, if only cockroaches and bulls were present, it’d have been better. A leader who can’t even adapt to blunt, true criticisms! Always believing what he does is right and every other view is myopic!

I AM NOT VOUCHING FOR YOUR TWENTY THOUSAND NAIRA!! If you think your money can swerve the truth from my tongue, then you truly need a brain surgery. Hold your money and let me hold my low self esteem. And I wonder how such an event based on the cualdor of falsehood will give me popularity. I won’t see the truth and lock off my eyes just as not to offend the ideology of someone.

And Soulileon Noel is dead, he was one of the nominee in the contest. No one remembers him again, not even a minute silence for him. Perhaps, if I had encountered a doom on coming to that event, that poster card color would be placed by my grave. To Souls’ Rhymez, you lack substance as far as you can’t bluntly state a good reason why you promised the people and you turned out in another color, yesterday ? I knew you intentionally didn’t mention it that some sets of people will be given certificates, just to make sure everyone comes from far and near. If you can’t justify every other thing, picture yourself as a PENAWD returning home to his Parents with nothing to show. Is that what you call a success?

And of course, you couldn’t have given the award to Poets in Nigeria as stated in your article! I hope you remember how you asked us all to canvass for votes and three days to the event, you said judges would come in on the issue ? Did you display the votes live before declaring your choice of winners ? Bankhall canvassed for votes immensely and you knew not giving him will result to double trouble. Now, Mr. Stephen, can you show us a lucid pictures of the votes in each category as of yesterday ? Maybe, the pastor who got an award too canvassed for votes. Who be me whey I wan know ?

There are eyes watching you silently and what you die yesterday went a long way in defining the true you. SRAF will go down soon, it’s not a curse nor prayer. It’s fact. And when it goes down, I will be here with crossed fingers just like Nnadi Cynthia sat back then. I now see a good reason why you attacked her personality back then, it’s obvious.

Stop connecting sarcastic reports and making it into an article. Be blunt as you always are and justify your nonsense as you’d always do. Candreva.

Yusuf Balogun Gemini.

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Author: Judaisky

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