THE DEADLY MARK ( Book hunters) Season 2 Episode 7

(Book hunters)
Season 2
Episode 7
Lawson was surprise to see Daniel already in the parlour of Mrs Jonas. He looked around and shook a good morning hand with him. Cassandra stood in one spot looking at both of them.
“Where is your mum?” Lawson broke the silence.
“She has gone out” replied Cassandra.
“What about Ruth?” Daniel asked Lawson.
“Oh, she’s fine, still in bed”
“I called you both to tell you what i have discovered about the book..” Cassandra began.
“No, you didn’t call me. I came on my own” Daniel interrupted.
“Well, i wanted to call you but you showed up unexpectedly.
Daniel kept quiet looking at her to continued.
“So, what did you discover about the book?” Lawson curiously asked.
Cassandra dragged the center table closed and sat on it facing the two men. Then she began, “I had flashes of people fighting to take the book from my late mother..”
“Why?” Lawson interrupted.
“The book can not only inflict and break curses, it can also give a supernatural power and render one immortal. The book hunters need the book to come back as human beings and to look younger. And when they do, Kali city won’t be a safe place for you and i, even other citizens of Kali will be in danger. They are some of the things in which i, cannot do alone to inflict or break a curse as written in the book. So i believe i must surely need you guys”
“We are all behind you” Lawson said looking at Daniel.
“Yes, we are” Daniel supported.
“Thank you” she smiled looking at both of them.
The most amazing thing among these group of friends was that they were not poor neither were they rich. They were contended with what they had and get whatever they want.
Ruth was in the kitchen alone preparing lunch when she heard a knock at the door. She dried her hands and opened it to behold Cassandra standing at the door looking harmless and beautiful-but Ruth’s beauty supersede all except Nellikita’s. They were all beautiful in their own ways.
“Good day, Ruth” Cassandra smiled and greeted.
“Good day, come in” Ruth responded smiling too.
Cassandra walked in looking at every corner of the apartment.
“Lawson isn’t at home” Ruth said.
“I didn’t come because of him”
“Oh, I’m sorry. Join me in the kitchen”
Cassandra followed her into the kitchen. She stood beside her watching as she cut carrots in circles without saying anything.
“How are you coping with your new self?” Ruth broke the silence.
“It has been horrible to me” she replied. “I just thank Lawson for always being there for me. He’s the only one i can talk to”
“That’s good, he will always help you” Ruth said without looking at her.
Cassandra noticed the closeness between both of them wasn’t there anymore.
Ruth was always the one to be by her side and support her even when she’s at fault. They had been close friends but the closeness wasn’t there anymore.
“Are you hearing from Daniel?” Ruth changed the topic.
“He was at my place this morning” replied Cassandra. “Can i ask you something?” she added.
“Go ahead”
“Are you in any way upset with me?”
Ruth suspended the cutting of the carrots and stared into her eyes. “Should i be upset?” she threw back the question.
“What do you mean?”
“I feel like I’m losing Lawson”
“I don’t get you, to who?”
“To you, Cassandra! I can see the way he looks at you and talks to you. Do you know how he behaved yesterday night at the party when he didn’t see you? He felt restless and neglected my attention only because you were not there. What evidence do i need to prove that I’m losing him to you?!”
Cassandra was speechless with her eyes opened hearing all she had said. “How can you think of me in such a manner?” she asked.
“Is not what i think of you but what i think of him. I’m not saying you have done anything wrong..” she paused when Cassandra’s phone rang. She could see the caller clearly-Lawson was calling complicating the issue. Then Cassandra stared at her.
“Pick your call” Ruth said uninterestedly and continued cutting the carrots angrily..
The supermarket was filled up with different types of items. It had several routes and modern facilities. Grace stumbled on Hector inside there where they were picking items. She could see a handsome boy with an attractive body stature.
“Please, I’m sorry” Hector began to park her fallen items.
“No, no, no, is okay” Grace insisted and picked them up.
“I’m really sorry”
“I’m sorry too”
“I’m Hector” he stretched his hand smiling broadly.
“I’m Grace, Grace Vicker” she shook his soft and gentle hand also smiling.
“Nice to meet you”
“Thanks”… (brb)
Ruth listened to the conversion between Cassandra and Lawson.
“How are you?” Lawson asked from the phone.
“I’m fine. Where are you?” Cassandra replied.
“I’m with Kelly and Daniel”
“Really? Having fun?”
“You can say that again. Well, I said let me check on you”
The line went dead and Cassandra looked at Ruth who seemed uninterested…

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