THE DEADLY MARK ( Book hunters) Season 2 Episode 6

(Love hunters)
Season 2
Episode 6
Hector was a handsome young boy. He’s twice older than her sister, Nellikita. And he also had a natural power of moving faster than a moving train (Just like Flash). He can run from Abuja to Lagos in just a few minutes. That was the power that enabled him grab Nelly from 624 pila street within a twinkle of an eye.
Hector stopped in front of their compound bringing Nellikita down. He wore a red T-shirt and also a jean trouser just like his sister. They began to enter into their house.
“You are so annoying!” Nelly exclaimed.
“What is it?”
“I never told you to come and pick me up”
“But it was urgent”
“Says who?”
“Where is the book?” Hector changed the topic.
“I never told you i have it” Nelly responded climbing stairway and followed by her brother. The house was a bungalow but was up high which made it had a stairway into it. There is a passage before meeting the parlour door.
“But you said you know who has the book” Hector said opening the parlour door.
“Yes” Nelly responded.
“Who’s he?”
“Oh, who’s she”
“Her name is Cassandra” She stood behind a cushion. While Hector stood behind anoda cushion opposite it. Both looked at each other.
“Cassandra? where could she get such a book needed by these people”
“I don’t know, i guess the book is so powerful”
“So how can we get the book and give it to these people?”
“Book hunters”
“Book hunters?”
“Yes, that’s what they are called”
“Who gave you all these informations?”
“A friend of hers called, Kelly”
Silence took over the sittingroom and Nelly moved to where a drink is, she poured some in a glass cup and drank it forcefully.
“But come to think of it, why would the book hunters want the book?” she asked looking her brother.
“I don’t care! All i know is that we must get that book and give it to them as instructed”
Nelly kept quiet drinking the remaining wine in the glass cup. “We shall visit them tomorrow” she concluded and walked inside her room. The room didn’t look local neither did it look modern. Her bed was small but strong. She undressed and walked inside the bathroom. As the water splashed on her hair down her toes, she thought of Kelly. “I’m sorry” she said.
That same night, Cassandra’s eyes had become red reading the book and having many flashes about it and while the hunters wanted it. A candle could be seen before the book radiating only at a closed range. She noticed her window opened, then she closed the book and grabbed it moving towards the window. She wore only a bra and a pant. Nothing or nobody was seen as the cause of the opened window. So she gradually closed it walking back to the bed just to witness her phone ringing. She glanced at it and saw the name, ‘Daniel’ but she ignored it.
Lawson woke up to the sound of his phone gently pushing Ruth’s head off his chest and grabbed the phone. He placed it on his ear.
“Good morning, Lawson” Cassandra greeted from the other side of the phone.
“Morning, any problem?”
“Can i see you?”
Ruth jerked awake at that moment hearing his voice but pretended to be asleep.
“You mean this morning?” Lawson asked looking at the time: 9:08a.m.
“Yes, if you are chanced”
“Alright, be expecting me”
The line went dead.
Lawson stood up and walked into the bathroom. He came out dressing up to go out.
“Where are you going to?” Ruth asked from the bed without looking at him.
“Honey, Cassandra wants to see me” Lawson replied waiting for her to say something but she kept quiet. He grabbed his car key and kissed her on the cheek. “I won’t be long” he said and walked out without Ruth saying a word.
Meanwhile, Cassandra sat in the parlour trying to dial Daniel’s number but she was interrupted by a knock on the door. She stood up to open it. She wore a bumshort and a singlet. She couldn’t believe who she saw at the door when she opened-Daniel. She suddenly became speechless staring into his lovely eyes. Then her heart began to beat faster.
“Good morning, Cassandra” Daniel broke the silence.
“Good morning, please come in” she replied sharply and opened d door widely.
Daniel wore a pair of jean trouser and a black sweater with a cap which he covered his head with. He sat down with Cassandra and dragged the cap off. Cassandra could see his full handsomeness with attractive beards.
“Have i wronged you?” Daniel began.
“No, why saying that?”
“Then why didn’t you pick my calls last night?”
“I’m sorry, i saw the calls but i couldn’t pick them bcoz i didn’t want to be distracted. I was tryin 2 get so many things from d book. Please, I’m sorry” she gave her a romantic eyes.
“Is okay, i was worried that’s all”
“Yes, because i wanted to hear your voice”
Cassandra stared at him surprisingly thinking he’s beginning to have feelings for her. Both stared at each other silently but a knock on the door broke the silence-Lawson was knocking. Cassandra opened it and let him in..

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