THE DEADLY MARK ( Book hunters) Season 2 Episode 2

(Book hunters)
Season 2

Episode 2
The stage light became dim and more colourful making Cassandra’s fair attractive complexion more beautiful. She wore a jean trouser and a pair of shoes. Above the trouser was a white top. The shape of her bra could be seen through it, and her hair dangled around her face. Ruth monitored how Lawson stood up waking towards her, but she pretended as if it was a normal phenomenon.
“Hey, i hope nothing happened?” Lawson asked Cassandra, but she kept quiet walking towards a table with drinks on it. They sat down still monitored by Ruth. Kelly wasn’t enthusiastic about them or the dance-he just danced because Ruth wanted him to.
“You are not saying anything” Lawson leaned forward in anticipation. But Cassandra was still mute pouring a wine in a glass cup and zipped a quantity into her mouth. “I had a flash where people are in a quest to capture the book…” she paused and drank another quantity of wine. “And i saw my late mother” she concluded. Then Lawson looked at her apprehensivly.
“I sense danger coming” he said.
“Big one”
“And your life is in danger”
“I guess so”
Lawson looked straight into her eyes and said, “In as much as I’m alive, i will always help u. Nothing will happen to you”
Cassandra smiled and drank the remaining wine also looking at him. “Thank you” she responded and stretched her head looking at all the corners of the party room.
“Where is Daniel?” she asked.
“I guess he’s in one of the rooms with Grace” replied Lawson.
Cassandra felt jealous making her to pour more wine into the glass cup and drank forcefully.
“Take it easy” Lawson tut. “What did your late mother say?”
“She said i shouldn’t allow them take the book and all the answers i need is in it”
“Well, you need to study the book or do you need a tutelage”
“No” she responded thinking about what might be happening between Daniel and Grace…
Daniel hump gently on Grace in the bed seeing how her breast flung up and down. Grace brought down his head and began to kiss him screaming silently in the process. She flung him over in a way she was on top of him whining her buttocks up and dawn getting her vagina stretched by his dick. In a deep groaning voice, Daniel grabbed her two breast like an apple-but was bigger than the sum of one hundred apples.
“Fuck me, baby” Grace said feeling the sensation. She suddenly turned again in a way Daniel was on top banging her seriously. She stimulated her clitoris with one hand screaming harder. Both were at the tip of climax, Daniel noticed it and banged faster while she stroked faster. Few seconds later, he poured out sperm on her body and collapsed on the bed breathing heavily…
An average girl walked into the party room. She dressed simply and sincerely without a trace of ugliness on her physical appearance. She was extremely beautiful looking harmless. On her body was a red tight short gown with a golden necklace round her neck. She sat alone on an empty table looking at everybody.
Meanwhile, Ruth and Kelly had joined Cassandra and Lawson on the table.
“Who’s that girl over there?” Ruth pointed.
“I don’t know” replied Lawson.
“I have never seen her” Cassandra added.
“She looks amazing!” Kelly exclaimed staring at her, and Ruth glanced at him smiling.
At that moment, Daniel came out with Grace holding their hands and standing before them. Cassandra pretended as if she had not noticed their presence.
“Where have both of you been?” Lawson asked.
“Well, we have been having…” Grace rapped her hand around his waist moving her body romantically on him.
“We went out” Daniel interrupted her looking at Cassandra who seem uninterested.
“I hope you played well” Kelly said smiling.
“He’s a good player” Grace responded also smiling.
Ruth and Lawson noticed that Cassandra wasn’t comfortable hearing and seeing them in that position because they knew she had feelings for Daniel.
“Can both of you stop saying nonsense?!” Ruth rebuked.
“I don’t give a demn!” Grace took a seat with Daniel by her side.
“What took you so long to be here, Cassandra?” Daniel asked.
“I went to somewhere” she replied without looking at him or smiling as she drank a large quantity of wine.
“Listen you’all” Lawson began. “Cassandra is in danger by some book hunters. And you know what that means”
“And what does it mean?” Grace asked enthusiastically.
“It mean we all are also in danger because they may come to her through any of us”
“So it is no more love hunters, it is now book hunters. Who are they by the way? And why are they hunting the book?” Daniel questioned.
“We are yet to know” replied Lawson and Ruth looked him as someone that is so committed to Cassandra and her book.
Daniel stretched his head. “Who’s that girl sitting over there?” he asked.
All looked at her as she drank silently and observing things except Cassandra. Suddenly, the light went off making the music to stop. Everywhere became quiet.
“They are here?” Cassandra broke the silence..

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