THE DEADLY MARK ( Book hunters) Season 2 Episode 19

(Book hunters)
Season 2
Episode 19

The Federal hospital was just.. the Federal hospital. Punctual doctors and nurses. They always make sure the sick citizens of Kali leave the hospital smiling and healthy. A nurse walked briskly with small stainless tray in her hand when Kelly was brought in. Cassandra and her friend stood quietly watching through a transplant window how he bled from neck and head. Suddenly, Hector’s phone rang and Daniel looked at him as he adjusted to a lonely place to answer the call.
“Hello, Baby” Grace sounded from the phone.
“Hey, how are you doing?”
“I’m not fine. You promised to see me today but i have not seen your shadow or a anything like you throughout today”
“I have been very busy. As I’m speaking to you now I’m in the middle of something at the Federal hospital”
“Did i just hear you say Federal hospital?”
“Yes, any problem? Hello.. hello..” Grace hanged up the call.
Hector went back only to find Daniel staring at him but didn’t know why.
“So, what now?” he asked to the hearing of everybody but none replied him rather Cassandra began to walk outside followed by others except Nelly who cried bitterly.
They walked simultaneously like heroes and heroine. Their shadows reflected on the wall and floor ties.
“Well, the next thing is to find the book” Cassandra decided to answer Hector’s question.
“But what about my precious stone?!”
“That’s none of my business”
“You must be joking, right?”
Cassandra kept quiet and looked back only to see Nelly behind.
“Come on, Nelly, don’t worry he will be fine” she said and they continued.
They stood outside at the corridor in silence admiring the beauty of the external hospital. They could see flowers, some which are used as a demarcation of where cars are parked. Sooner did they see a girl in short white skirt and show-back top catwalking towards them.
“Grace?” Hector called.
Grace climbed the corridor through the stairs and was surprise to see Hector with her friends. She stood beside him.
Daniel’s gesture was confirmed to be true at that time. He stared at Grace.
Nelly met them.
“What are you doing with these people?” Grace question holding Hector round the waist.
“Do you know them?” he threw back the question.
“They are my friends”
Cassandra and others neglected them.
“We need to act fast and see how to bring back that book before it is too late” Lawson broke the silence.
“What are you talking about?” Hector questioned. “My stone is concern here too”
“If that book is not found in the next few hours, Kali city will be doomed!”
“What?! Is the book missing?” Grace asked and Hector look at her in a way that explains: So you also know about the book.
“What do you mean by that?” Hector added too.
“It has already started” Cassandra replied staring at one place..
People shouted and ran helter and skelter. Some fell and broke their legs. Vehicles suddenly stopped causing more accident when the population of running people became much.
“Oh, shit!” Lawson exclaimed and brought out his gun.
“I need to save my mother!” Cassandra shouted and jumped down from the corridor followed by others.
“What’s happening!” Grace asked.
“This is what i was talking about. The hunters have started hunting” Lawson replied before Hector understood what he meant by Kali City being doomed without getting the book.
All walked to an open place and saw a hunter on top of a building with a girl trying to throw her off the cliff.
“Come on, Lawson, you have to check on my Mum now! You are and Daniel!” Cassandra exclaimed and Lawson took off with Daniel in his car.
Seeing that, Hector also told Grace to leave and she began to drive home too.
Meanwhile, Cassandra had ran forward to an open place where the hunter could see her. Policemen arrived at that moment pointing guns at the hunter.
“Is me you want, leave her alone!!” Cassandra’s voice echoed and the policemen looked at her suspiciously…
Getting to the resident of Mrs Jonas, a hunter was already in the house battling with Mrs Jonas at the locked door.
“Cassandra!” she shouted from the room.
However, the hunter was trying to break the door when Lawson came in with Daniel and began to shoot at him but the bullets were of no use coz he didn’t die.
“Fuck!” Lawson exclaimed and looked at the gun if it was a real gun or a toy gun.
“It seems like you are strong” the hunter said smiling. He walked towards him to grabbed him but Lawson kicked him off. He finally got his throat and pushed him to the wall then the gun fell off.
“You are gonna die like the old witch” the hunter said holding his neck tightly.
Daniel picked the gun, he targeted his head and shot a bullet before the hunter fell down.
“Nice shot, bro” Lawson said breathing heavily.
Daniel ran to Mrs Jonas door, he opened it and hugged her.
However, Lawson quickly dialed Ruth’s number backing the hunter on the floor.
“Oh fuck! She isn’t picking up!” he turned only to discover that the hunter was gone..

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