THE DEADLY MARK ( Book hunters) Season 2 Episode 15

(Book hunters)
Season 2
Episode 15
Cassandra looked at Nelly silently from the cushion. She was worried for her request to have see the book. Even Nelly perceived that it was a hard decision for her to take, so she persuaded her the more.
“I know it is hard, but trust me. Do i look like a hunter to you? Remember we are friends, so don’t be afraid”
“I’m not afraid” Cassandra replied.
“Then let me see it”
“Okay, just relax” she stood up smiling at her. She wore a jean trouser and a top, then she walked into her room.
Nelly couldn’t stop smiling at that time. Her face looked so innocent and charming. No one would have believed that her heart was as deadly as the book hunters.
As she smiled, Cassandra came back with the book in her hands. It looked old and heavy. She placed in on the centre table and sat down.
“That’s the book” she said with a low voice. “You know what? Sometimes i wish the book never come to me. I wish I’m not the one to safeguard it because it have caused me a lot” she said sadly. Even Nelly felt her sad expression.
“Why are you saying all these?” she asked looking at her.
“I have losed my best friend just because I’m in a quest to protect the book. My normal life isn’t there anymore. I can’t think of any other thing but how to protect the book” tears ran down from her eyes.
Nelly was touched, then she looked at the book.
“Who’s this your best friend that you losed because of this book?” she asked.
“Her name is Ruth, she.. she.. never mind” she concluded and dried her tears.
“Come here” Nelly hugged her and consoled her. “I can see that this is a very big burden to you, i can help you carry it” she added.
“Thank you”
They disengaged themselves before Nelly looked at the book again. “Can i touch it?” she requested.
“Sure” Cassandra replied.
She gradually carried the book monitored by Cassandra in silence…
Ruth had been at work in a bakery company serving as a baker. She just returned home and brought out her phone from her bag only to see ten missed calls from Lawson. Then she dialed his number to call back but he didn’t pick. Suddenly, Lawson knocked at her door and opened it. He wasn’t looking happy as he met her undressing her clothes.
“Lawson? What is it?” Ruth turned sharply.
“I have been calling your number, where have you been?”
“I’m sorry, i was at work. Due to the sound of machines and engines i couldn’t hear the phone ringing. Is there any problem? You looked angry”
“What did you tell Cassandra?”
“Yes, Cassandra!!” Lawson barked.
“I don’t get you and stop shouting at me!” she barked back…
Nelly couldn’t stop staring at the book in her hands. Then she looked at Cassandra and said, “Can i opened it?”
“Sure” She responded and stood up.
“Where are you going to?”
“Let me get you a drink”
“Oh, that’s so kind of you” they smiled at each other before Cassandra went inside the room.
Seeing that, Nelly brought out her phone and texted Hector immediately. Within a twinkle of an eye, he came in like a wind and carried Nelly and the book away instantly.
“I hope you will like this drink” Cassandra came out and found out that she was talking to nobody. Nelly and the book were gone. She stood in one spot staring at the empty cushion in surprise and confused. The drinks fell off from her hands.
“Nelly! Nelly!!” she shouted searching around the sittingroom. “Oh my God! Nelikita!!” she walked towards the door and noticed it opened. She also noticed papers sling on the floor by a strong wind. Then she concluded that someone like Hector had been there. She was heartbroken and mad…!
Lawson was still looking at Ruth expectantly but she wasn’t helping matters.
“So you went to the extent of telling Cassandra to stay away from me?!” he moved forward.
“I didn’t tell Cassandra to stay away from you but i just told her the simple truth!”
“Which is?”
“That I’m losing you to her!”
“Here you go again! How can you say that to her?!”
“Are you really shouting at me because of Cassandra?! I don’t believe this!”
“You are just jealous for nothing!”
“Oh, really? You think i don’t know that you wish to have her?!”
Lawson’s anger returned to his breath when his phone vibrated in his pocket. She picked it without looking at her.
“Hello, Daniel”
“There is a big trouble, Cassandra..”
“Cassandra what?!” he interrupted sharply.
“She has lost the book mehn!!”
“Oh shit! I’m on my way” he hanged up and looked at Ruth.
“Just go away, don’t talk to me. And i don’t wonna see you here again!” Ruth instructed and turned her back on him.
Lawson didn’t waist time, he forcefully left and banged the door closed. The bang startled Ruth vibrating her whole body.
Lawson arrived at Mrs Jonas resident to find Daniel and Cassandra standing and looking angry.
“What happened? How did they capture the book?!”
“Nelly took it” Cassandra replied.
“I knew it! that girl was not to be trusted!”
Suddenly, Kelly entered the room and they gared at him.

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