THE DEADLY MARK ( Book hunters) Season 2 Episode 13

(Book hunters)
Season 2
Episode 13
Daniel had never seen such an emotionally look on Cassandra’s face as they stared at each other. He was a bit taller making Cassandra to raise her head up before she could see his handsome face. They gradually began to bring their faces together to kiss but were distracted by the same rat which ran across Cassandra’s legs. Then she screamed loudly and jumped on him with her legs across his waist.
“Woh! Let me get it!” Daniel gently pulled her down on the bed and began to look for the rat. As he chased it to every corner of the room, Cassandra jumped up and down on the bed screaming. Daniel entered inside the kitchen with a stick. Cassandra could hear the sound of plates and pots from the livingroom.
“Have you killed it?!” she shouted.
“I got it!” Daniel echoed back coming out of the kitchen with the dead rat in his hand. Immediately Cassandra saw it, she screamed loudly and covered her face with a pillow. Daniel smiled threw it outside.
“I never knew you are this scared” he met her on the bed.
“No, I’m not scared” she replied as both sat on the edge of the bed.
“But look at how you hugged me as if your were being attacked by the book hunters”
“I’m only scared of rat”
“What of the hunters?”
“I’m not afraid of them”
“But you are afraid of common rat”
“Yes, i don’t know why” she battled with her jacket trying to removed it. When Daniel saw it, he gently took her hand and helped her undress it silently. Cassandra stared at him emotionally as he did that. Before Daniel could turn his face, she removed her eyes.
“Thank you” she kept the jacket on the bed.
“You’re welcome”
There stared at each other again.
“Thanks for putting a smile on my face” Daniel said.
“No, thank the rat” she replied and they laughed. “I’m so happy to see you smile again”
“Because you have been moody”
“Common, follow me” Cassandra stood up and dragged him up too.
“Where are we going to?”
“Just follow me!”
They ran out…
It was an empty building dark and large. It had a narrow passage. Ahead the passage was a large room. A ray of light shone at the centre where a man sat on a chair turning his back on the narrow passage. Only his head without hair and his black clothing were seen.
Hector arrived with a great speed that caused a wind which blew dead grasses away. He pulled Nelikita down and walked into the narrow passage looking at the man without seeing his face. They stopped at a closed range-but not too close.
“Have you brought the book?” the man-hunter who sat at the centre of the large room asked without turning his face. His voice wasn’t loud but deep and scary.
“No, we don’t have the book yet”
Nelikita replied.
Other hunters looking deadly began to come out from the dark side of the room looking like zombies.
“Then what are you doing here?” the man was still inquisitive.
“We want to know why you so much want the book!” Hector replied boldly.
“Do i need to remind you that is non of your business?”
“Well, it became our business when you took away my father’s precious stone”
“It seems like the stone is of no use to you. Get out of here before i change my mind. Mind you, you have 48 hours to bring the book or the stone will be destroyed!”
Hector remained quiet looking at the hunters. While his sistered at him.
“Come on, let’s get out of here” He told Nelly and carried her, then sped off…
Cassandra took Daniel to a running water from a stone. The placed was beautiful and colourful. There was a pool where the water was running into. They sat beside the pull in a way their legs touched the water.
“Isn’t it beautiful?” Cassandra asked.
“I like it, is very beautiful. How did you know this place?”
“Well, i was once taken her by someone”
“Someone named Daniel, but only to found out that i was dreaming” they laughed.
“You are really funny”
“Never mind”
“Do you know how to swim?”
“No oh, i don’t!” Cassandra exclaimed.
“I guess you gonna learn tonight”
“Really? Are you gonna teach me?”
Daniel stood up and undress wearing only boxers and singlet. To Cassandra’s surprise he jumped inside the pool.
“Come on, enter” Daniel said from the water.
“No, I’m scared!”
“Don’t be scared. I thought rat is the only thing you are scared of”
“No, even water”
“Don’t worry, come in”
Cassandra fearfully undress wearing only pant and bra which had the same colour-black. Daniel stretched his hand, she gently grabbed it and jump inside. She screamed…
After the romantic swimming, they began to walk home. Daniel noticed that she was shivering out of cold, he pulled his jacket and covered her. Then Cassandra stared at him surprisingly.
At the entrance of Cassandra’s house, they looked at each other.
“Thank you. You made my day” Daniel broke the silence.
“No, you thank you” she insisted.
“I shall see you tomorrow”
“Okay, thanks” she smiled. “The jacket?”
“No, keep it”
Cassandra couldn’t believe it.
“Good night then”
They departed..

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