THE DEADLY MARK ( Book hunters) Season 2 Episode 12

(Book hunters)
Season 2

Episode 12
Nelikita laid on her bed covered with a blanket and faced up. Nothing was going through her mind except a handsome Kelly. It was obvious that she was gradually falling inlove with him as the days went by. Therefore she grabbed her phone to call him, but couldn’t. “What am i doing?” she thought. “If i finally get the book, i will leave his life and he will be very disappointed in me and his friends” she turned and faced the wall. “In other hand, i have to get the book so that we can get the precious stone back otherwise my brother and i will be doomed” she concluded in her mind.
Daniel walked briskly to Mrs Vicker’s resident. His heart boild as he activated the alarm door waiting patiently for a respond. Mrs Vicker opened.
“How are you Daniel?”
“I want to see Grace”
“Come in” she let him in and stood behind a cushion to see what will happen when Grace walked out from her room. She wore a bumshort that exposed her attractive thighs. Even her breast pumped out from the yellow singlet she wore exposing the hand of her bra. She looked at her mother and stared at Daniel who wasn’t smiling.
“Daniel?” she called.
“I was told you went out yesterday with me, explain”
“Hum..” Grace glanced at her mother again looking confused. “Actually, i lied”
“Then where did you go?”
“I went out for.. for..” she paused refusing to speak. Then her mother stepped forward.
“My son, i interrogated her last night and she confessed to went for a dinner date with another man”
“I know because i saw her kissing and hugging him after i left here”
Mrs Vicker exhaled deeply staking another step forward.
“So what now?” she asked.
“Nothing, I’m just gonna walk out” Daniel gared at Grace and walked out in slow motion. He took another gare at her at the door, b4 he went out.
“I hope you know what that means” Mrs Vicker asked Grace, but she never said a word.
As Ruth gathered her things to leave Lawson’s apartment in slow motion, so as Hector and Nellikita walked in slow motion to Cassandra’s house. Nelly wore a gown which was blown backward by wind making it to hug her body. Even her hair followed the direction of the wind, but the black pair of eyeglass which wore on her face prevented the wind from sending particles into her eyes. She was extremely beautiful.
Hector dressed simply with a black eyeglass on his face too looking handsome..
On the other hand Daniel walked into his apartment in slow motion with a drop of tears from one of his eyes. The door gradually closed.
With the same motion, Ruth gave Lawson a peck at the door. She entered a taxi and waved at him. Lawson also waved at her giving out a weak smile.
Still in the same slow motion, Nelikita approached to the entrance of Mrs Jonas house with her brother and the slow motion vanished. She knocked on the door and Cassandra opened staring at both of them.
“Hi, Cassandra” Nelly smiled.
“Hello! Come in!” excitement filled her face. She let them in staring at handsome Hector who was busy looking at every part of the room like an inspector from the police.
“Make yourself comfortable” Cassandra said.
“Thank you” Nelly sat down with her brother. “Hum.. this is my brother, Hector the one i told you about”
“Oh, you are welcome” Cassandra smiled at him.
“Thank you” he replied smiling too.
“Your sister told me a lot about you and your little thing”
“What little thing?”
“Your little super power thing”
“Oh!” he gave out an attractive smile. “That’s my life” he added shaking his legs.
“For that reason alone, i don’t need to take a cab to anymore. You will just take me to my destination with your powers” they laughed.
Nelikita never knew that Cassandra could be that funny and happy. So she stared at her surprisingly.
Grace opened her door and found Cassandra standing.
“What a surprise!” she exclaimed. “Come in” she added.
“No, I’m in hurry”
“Really? Then why this sudden visit?”
“Is about Daniel. Why have you decided to treat him like this?!”
“Excuse me? What are you talking about?”
“He said you are cheating on him”
“And what business is yours?”
“I’m just concern about his feelings. You hurt him deeply”
“Really? Well, you should have known that he’s the one who broke up with me. And you should better start going, thank you!” she banged her door closed.
Daniel had been indoor trying to get over with the heartbreak. He heard a knock on his door before he sluggishly opened it and behold Cassandra standing in a black jacked with her head covered. She entered.
“You have not been picking my calls neither have you come outside. What is it?”
“I broke up with Grace”
“Yes, she told me. But is that why you have refused to come out?”
“I’m really sorry. I wish i can be of help” she said staring at him.
“Don’t worry, i will be okay” he replied.
The room was dark, but as Daniel put on the light, Cassandra fragiled seeing a rat which made her hug Daniel tightly and they stared at each other emotionally..

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