THE DEADLY MARK ( Book hunters) Season 2 Episode 11

(Book hunters)
Season 2
Episode 11
The book hunters captured a precious stone owned by the family of Zega, the father of Nelikita and Hector in order to use them as agents to get the book due to their supernatural powers. The precious stone had stayed for ages transferred from one generation to another. It is a powerful totem which is actually believed to be the thing that sustain the power exhibited by the family. It was the last thing Zega handed to Hector before he died telling him to protect it by all means.
Luminescence hung at several angles of Zega’s sittingroom giving it a perfect visible light. The outside was dark and quiet without a single light apart from the one coming down from the stars. Hector and his sister, Nelikita were still in the sittingroom arguing about how to get the book.
“Listen” Hector began. “That stone is the last wish of our father to be protected before he died. Therefore i can’t allow it stay in the hands of the book hunters any longer. So let’s go and get the book for them since you know the girl that has it!!”
“How do you intend to do that?!” Nelikita provoked and stood up from the cushion. “I told you that I’m working on it. I just need Cassandra to trust me, then the book will be ours” she began to walk in her room angrily but stopped and looked at her brother. “She have to trust you too. So you will follow me to her house tomorrow in order to know her and the position of that book” she banged her door closed.
“This is ridiculous!” Hector exclaimed and sat on the cushion.
Mrs Jonas was inside her room sleeping when she heard Cassandra opened the parlour door and called the name, ‘Daniel’ then she went back to sleep.
Cassandra stared at Daniel at the door. She could sense that all wasn’t well from the look of his face. Then she silently let him in without saying a word. Daniel sadly sat on the cushion with his face bent downward. While Cassandra sat beside him and placed her hand on his shoulder.
“I have never seen you in this mood. What is it?”
Daniel wore a perpetually martyred expression on his face robbing it with his two hands.
“Remember i told you i will always be here for you. Just talk to me” Cassandra’s voice was very calm and sweet as she held his shoulder.
“My heart is broken” Daniel forcefully said.
“Grace? What has she done?”
“I caught her kissing and hugging a guy in their compound”
“What?! You mean..”
“Yes, she’s cheating on me”
“This is incredible!”
“It hurts to know that someone you trust and love so much can betray you”
“Have you talked to her?”
“No, but i will”
Cassandra suddenly became speechless staring at him in silence. She wished that Daniel will just turn and tell her how much he loves her. Then she gently turned his face and looked straight into his eyes.
“A broken heart can always be mended. Grace never got the deadly mark because she..” Cassandra paused.
“Yes, i got it. Because she never loved me” Daniel completed but Cassandra kept quiet. “But you got the mark which shows that you are inlove with someone. Who’s he?”
Cassandra’s heart began to beat faster as he asked that question. She suddenly released her hands from his face and looked away.
“I’m sorry, never mind” Daniel apologized for no reason and stood up. “I will talk to you tomorrow”
“O-o-kay gu-gud night” Cassandra stammered standing up too.
“Are you okay?”
“I’m fine” she smiled unwillingly and followed him to the door. Daniel glanced at her lovely eyes and went out.
Ruth and Lawson laid on the bed looking at each other covered with white bedshit.
“I wanted to tell you something this afternoon before your phone interrupted you” Ruth began.
“Is everything okay?” Lawson questioned.
“I want to get back to my apartment”
“But why?”
“Is my apartment, moreover, I’m not married to you”
“Why would you say such a ting?”
“But that’s the truth”
Lawson kept quiet staring at her in the darkness. “Are you not comfortable with me?” he asked with a low voice.
“No my love, i didn’t say so. I’m just saying how things should be” she gently kissed him.
“Is okay, if that will make you happy” he reciprocated to the kiss and refused to quit. It became faster changing the rate of their heartbeat, then Lawson climbed her and gently began to sucked her breast. He stroked her clitoris through her pant as he sucked making Ruth to give out a silent romantic scream with her eyes closed. Lawson retired from her breast to her lips before Ruth grabbed his head as she kissed him passionately too. However, Lawson kept stroking her clit and inserting his finger into her vagina. He could feel how wet it was which made him stood and gradually undressed her pant. Then she opened her legs. Lawson gradually laid on top of her feeling his dick inside her warm wet vagina and Ruth grabbed him immediately across his back kissing him seriously as he banged her gently. When the sensation became unbearable, Ruth stopped kissing and let out a scream, “Asshh! Hhmm”

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