“OH, AMAKA” by Ogili Oche Ujo (Xage)
My eyes wandered around searching for an unseen explanation, i could vividly remember the radiant smile she gave the previous night when i told her that i will marry her anytime i come back from the hustling life of the city. Who will smile for me now that my hope has being dashed away by death? Why does death not find those who are ready to embrace it? I sat down hopelessly on the floor not knowing if crying was an option, if only my tears could bring my Amaka back then I’m ready to cry an ocean.
“Chibuzor!!, someone shouted my name with anger, It was Amaka’s mother with some fierce looking men. She never supported me and her daughter’s relationship, she claims that i am not capable of taking care of her daughter but you know love always overcomes. I thought she came to tell me that the death of Amaka was a prank but the faces of the men proved otherwise. “This is the idiot that killed my daughter” she said in tears holding are partially loosed wrapper firmly. I was not able to say any word when the first blow landed on my chin, “Gboooaa”, i lost my stamina and fell with the image of Amaka on my mind.
“Oh, Amaka”

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Author: Judaisky

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