*The Bleeding Heart*

Susan and Leslie are seen discussing on the patio of the former’s house.
“If you see what I saw today….”,Susan says placing her palms on her thighs.

“What is it?”,her friend replies.

“I saw two men hanged behind the prison yard. Chineke!,If you see how those guys were struggling for breath with their eyeballs like this”,she says demonstrating with her eyes. Her eyeballs go red. “I wept for those guys. Life imprisonment would have been better”.

“Are they not the assassins that SARS arrested in May?”

“Yes,they could have imprisoned them for life in a max-security prison. They killed them cruelly!”

“I don’t think you know what you are saying”,Leslie responds with disdain.

“As if that was not enough”,Susan continues,”when I was coming home. I saw the boys there beating a lady.” She faces down and shakes her head. “She was stripped naked. They poured water on her and dealt with her using every kind of cane. For what?”, She answers her own question,”they said she stole sanitary pad!”. Two drops of liquid fell from her left eye.”They molested her”.

“Why would she steal such a thing?”,Leslie responds.

“Maybe she needed it seriously”.

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“What kind of serious need is that?”,Leslie answers.

“Does a sanitary pad call for public molestation of such magnitude?”,she defends.”I wanted to pay for it and bail the woman but they had rolled a rubber tyre on neck and set her ablaze as if the beating was not enough!”. Tears flow from her eyes.

Leslie replies angrily,”Is she your relative? You should have showed up-they would burn you both!”

“You are talking like that because you weren’t there”,Susan says tearfully.

“I’ve seen so much. You haven’t seen witches stoned to death. Have you? Those retribution will serve as deterrent for others. That’s just my view.”

“So you also have a hardd heart like this?”

“No,I think you are the one with a bleeding one”.

┬ęDr Oluyemi

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