“she will be here in a Moment” Damilare Whispered to his best friend’s ear named Tony.
“Damilare so you mean you are asking Debby out today. Even when you have a Lady waiting for you in the Village” Tony said

“Come of it Bro. So you believe I can still date that illiterate Folape. Never. This is a New dawn Bro. Debby is educated and Rich. She fits in” Damilare said with smile as Tony shakes his head.
they were both silent.

Damilare Adjust his wine colour stripped Shirt Dusting off the Drop of wine which mistakenly Dropped on his Trousers. He Was strategizing how to ask Debby out in a Romantic way as thousands of ideas hit his brain.

Tony was also Analyzing how he think Debby a name Damilare has been chewing to him will look like even though he knew she must definitely be a classy lady with the way Damilare usually Describe her.

The door was pulled as a Beautiful Fair lady On a Blue Skimpy Gown Stepped in. A good look at the gown will Convince you that it isn’t just a Lay mans Gown it must be an expensive one. She wore a Yellow Heels which has Blue design on it top Holding a little Yellow Purse. She was Holding a Car key and definitely an Iphone 6s which was the Latest. The Dj was playing AFRICAN QUEEN By 2Baba which make The atmosphere Romantic.

People couldn’t stop Admiring, That Tony forgot to close his mouth seeing this Ravishing Queen until waters Walk out Gallantly from his mouth. “Oh my God” He added Admiring Debby.

“Hello here” She said standing right Beside Damilare with one of her hand on Damilare’s shoulder
“Hello Debby meet my friend Tony” Damilare introduced . Tony was so eager to have an Handshake with Debby who was pleased to see him.
“It is Nice meeting you sir” Debby Added as they all laugh it off.
Damilare gave Tony a Wink which made Tony gave a Cough and propose to visit the Toilet he left just immediately. Damilare Adjusted himself and coughed twice

“You know, it is Nice seeing you again. After our Youth Corps Service. you are the Beautiful girl I keep dreaming about.” Damilare Said holding one of Debby’s hand. he was expecting Debby to resist the hold, but she didn’t then he continued.

“Debby I love everything about you, your beauty, Your Meekness. ” he stopped and look at her face and notice she has fallen inlove already.

“Debby, I wanna tell you something” Damilare said as he looked at Debby eyeball to eyeball
go ahead honey !” Debby said that before she knew she was too forward to call him Honey.

” Debby will you please be my Fianc…” Damilare Slipped from the chair and fell to the floor Foaming!

•• Flashback••

“Folape I promise Never to Date anyone else” Damilare said Facing Folape a Beautiful Ebony girl who was leaning on a tree
“Hmm.. Okunrinnn. Damilare are you Sure? Are you sure you wont forget me?”
” Yes Darling. to Confirm this. anytime I try to do such Let Epilepsy Visit me” Damilare said hitting his Chest to Assure Folape
!Awwnnnnn thanks Ifemi” Folape smiled and hugged Damilare firmly.



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