Tainted 3

No! She trusts Mr. Sam so much. The only thing they had was great sex. Nothing more, every other should be part of her dirty thoughts.
She didn’t even know when the lecturer got out-she had been lost in thought- until Bola pulled her ear, claiming she had gained weight in just a day and night at home. That is how Bola does whenever she comes back from home. Bola would say her father is a politician who has it all, still, his only daughter is a student who works it all. She always claim she wouldn’t be in UNILAG if her father was that rich.
Awotedu Bolanle is a twenty years old girl that gets all she wants to get at any mighty cost. Her father is a civil servant and her late mother was a teacher. Bolanle would never ask her father anything, she always gets them from these big men with big cars. Tee has met Mr. Sam during one of the parties Bola goes to with these big men. Their friendship has been an enviable one among peers. Many times they hear gossips that she feeds Bolanle which is not a false rumor anyway. But what she felt towards Bola was a sisterly love, she took her as that sister her mother never gave.

Together with Martins and Bolanle, Tee walked back to the hostel. She was so exhausted that for the first time, she regretted not taking the car her dad had offered her with a personal driver. She sure wanted a car, but getting a driver for her is what she can’t live with. He would be like a supervisor of her bad acts.

Bola made her yes to Martins a quick one. Martins has explained to her and begged her to help talk to her friend during the walk. And Tee wondered if Bola would advice her to pick Martins instead of Mr. Sam. To her great surprise, Bola whispered that she likes Martins and told Martins, ‘Tee has just been shy to tell you. She has once told me she loves you a lot.’ Tee smiled broadly at her friend not like she wasn’t shocked at her friend’s big lie, but smiled knowing her friend liked him.

‘The less you see
The more you stare!
Ibuchineke, you have to take your friend away. He’ll surely die, let him die at home in his children sight.’
“But priest..,”
‘Fake him away!!’
“I can’t just take him away, you have to do something chief. You have to!
This man has explained to you, he cleaned her up and did just as you have said. He put the cloth in the calabash, but her blood did not just appear. Priest, you have to save Sam, you have to.”
‘Can you see how gullible you both are?
Didn’t I tell him to use his daughter first before her? Why her before his daughter?
It can’t just work you know, it can’t. This man will die, I tell you. Take him home, he’ll die in seven days time.’
Mr. Ibu wrapped his friend as they’ve been doing for days and put him in the car. As he drove, he heard his friend weep and he pitied him.
‘But that girl can only be a witch bro, she’s a witch. I’ve always seen that in her tiny eyes and thin legs. Now, see what she’ve caused. Are you sure you did this thing man?’
He got no reply, yet continued ranting. ‘That girl can only be a very great witch, if not, it should have worked.’
But, seven days after, Sam didn’t die. Fourteen days after, he laid still on the stinking bed, none of his sense organs worked, all died before his eyes. But life remained in him- life full of pains and dismay.


Few weeks later, there laid Toluwanimi on the hospital bed. Her mother had insisted she go to the hospital with her, sequel to her incessant vomiting and fever.
At the hospital, the doctor diagnosed her and told her parents she’s contacted a STD, the name she did not hear well as he pronounced it. Tee who was already scared she might be pregnant was at least grateful that her parent would say she contacted it through other means but not sex. Tee was treated and was discharged, it was so fast because her family was always treated special.

Few days after she was discharged, she was at the campus that fateful day. She was leaving her class for hostel, when she fainted. This time, she was with Martins and he was the one that got a cab that took her to the sick bay. From there, she was admitted into the school’s clinic, where she was later diagnosed to be pregnant. The doctor had said it would be difficult to carry the baby and deliver it safely at sixteen. Martins was traumatized, he wouldn’t believe it. He spent night thinking how it might have happened. Was she raped? They’ve not stayed alone in a room for a minute since they met. She never told him she had boyfriend, she never told him she ever had. Of course, they talked it all. Oh damn!
He asked that day she finally agreed to see him. And she didn’t give a reply, she kept ignoring him for days. And he thought she might have been a bad one that he didn’t know.
He left her, all to herself.

Tee, on the other hand slept and woke in devastation. Who would she tell, how would she tell? She had explained herself to Mr. Ibu when Mr. Sam was nowhere to be found and the man proposed she abort the pregnancy. She wouldn’t abort it, what if she dies? Tee kept it still to herself, until she feared her tummy would protude making it known to her friend and parents. She concurred to abort the baby and talked to Mr. Ibu. Tee was disappointed Mr. Sam still refused to speak with her not to talk of going with her. He claimed he got much work to do at the office. They haven’t even seen each other for days. He has been avoiding her, reason why she had to speak with Mr. Ibu. It pained her how a sweet man like Mr. Sam could avoid her in such state.
Tee went with so much fear that coated her, the female doctor was surprised to see a young girl like that come for such, she was more shocked of her pregnancy. She asked to know how it happened and Tee lied she was raped by someone she can’t even recognize and begged for the foetus to be removed.
Surviving through the state was a very difficult one for her. She imagined leaving the world to join her late brother who they lost to electrocution the previous year.
Ninety nine minutes after the operation, the young female doctor found Tee’s cold body on the floor just beside her bed. She might have cried for help after much struggle to make it. Very unfortunate.
She got her information from her department and called for her parents.

I tell you, Mr. and Mrs. Philips are what you wouldn’t like to see today.
Mr. Sam died the same month, of the unknown deadly disease.

Parents, be your children’s friend.
Dear shidren like me, talk to your parent. Be wary of bad friends for evil communication corrupts good manner. What you wouldn’t need till you’re eighteen, don’t get it crookly at eight.


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