The next morning, after the morning lecture, Tee found herself talking to Martins, smiling and laughing. They had met beside the stadium’s net fence, he ran from the football pitch to meet her. What a wonderful speaker, only one would make her talk that way at their second meeting.
She told him all about herself, while he reciprocated. ‘He isn’t that proud afterall’, she thinks. He also studies in UNILAG. ‘I’m an Akokite like you’-his words. He studies psychology, and as they walk, she stupidly thought it must be the reason he could open up her heart that way and easily transform from dislike to love. Ohh! Love…?
Is she loving Martins? Just like that?
Well, if this isn’t lust.

They exchanged contact, and that night she was so engrossed in their chat that she burnt her noodles.
She refused to think about it for once, which hunger would come in the middle of an awesome chat? Martins types very long just as he speaks. Many times, they had typed good night, but one thing kept leading to the other, the other to another, and another to more enticing lines by him. Tolu who would have slept by lately 9:00pm was still asleep past one.
Bola woke up to pee and was shocked to see her friend beaming before her screen late at night. ‘Tee must has fallen in love. I’m gonna watch.’

Toluwanimi wouldn’t have noticed her friend was up if Bola hadn’t switched on the green bulb.
Tee finally bid Martins good night and went to sleep. Surprisingly, Tee couldn’t sleep, she was thinking about him , sleep refused to come.
Then her phone beeped. ‘It must be Martins again’, she thought. She would not mind hearing his voice again after the appalling chat.
‘Oh! Mr. Sam..’
“Bae, let’s meet tomorrow. I will come pick you at the hostel gate.” She read.
‘Mtcheeew! Meet kor’
Well, if she would get money for Citizenship handout, she is anticipating his arrival already. Dad and mum may never pick call, if she calls them now. Always busy..

She was no more thinking about Martins not even the old man, but about her family.
Her family is like the worst, she’s never heard of both parent not having time for an only child, a girl child for that matter. They are only concerned about money. Dad always insist she walks with his rich friends daughters and attend the best school. Choosing University of Lagos has been an argument for months. For the first time, he finally let her have her way. And here she is, she stopped talking to them because she was tired of being ignored. Their own pampering looks like maltreatment. Still, dad does not want her to disappoint him and let his opponents in politics mock him. Politics is all he knows, she wondered how she’s never going to disappoint him, when she’s never got a good advice from anyone all her life. At fifteen, her life is being controlled by friends and emotions. Emotions that do not last.

“Baby, let’s make it 7:00pm”, she got another message from Mr. Sam.
‘Mtccheew! Well, it’s not like Mr. Sam is bad anyway.’

Everything changed at the office, workers complained.
“He shouts at me every hour…”
“..he almost slapped me yesterday.”
“He does not sign any document anymore, the comptroller is fed up.”
“His head is always on desk…”

Mr. Sam was still not decided, he’s too fragile for this. If the fat man had told him to bring money, how easy would that have been.. But blood? Phew!
The next Monday at work, he kept thinking about the frail flower she once was and how he had moulded her to his taste. Now, he has to take her life. Oh no!
He thought of her mild smell, mild skin and her soft lips. Even as he is in his fifties, he enjoys this fifteen years old so much. Everything with her seems young and sweet unlike his shapeless wife at home. Am I going to take her life for my money? Haven’t I always been self centered?
What if her ghost start torturing me later?
He got some beer, and later slept off on his desk.

The next day at the restaurant, Tee met Martins again. And during their long walk, Martins broke the pot. What she has been anticipating. He’s wanting more than friendship. She gets his point, the feeling is of course mutual. Is it not what she also wants? Martins is a very nice one, she wouldn’t trade relationship with him for anything. Besides, he seems to have it all. Martins is self employed, he owns a beauty parlour- unisex saloon plus Spa and he’s also a student of psychology.
It’s indeed a beautiful opportunity, she took that time to think about marriage. Her marriage won’t be like her parents’ where they do not have time for their child. Martins will not be working for anyone, so whenever she goes to studio, he’ll be there for their children. She was already thinking marriage with a guy she isn’t dating yet. Well, she loves him and is not taken yet. Even though, at fifteen, she seems not to need such. Mr. Sam has just been a devil she can’t do without, he is the father she wants. Whenever she thinks of quiting what she has with him, she also consider his good works. She can call him her Messiah, who saves her with money and takes in return what he wants. She knows she’s been used as a sex object, yet she wouldn’t leave. She seems to be really enjoying it. It’s pretty intriguing!

Despite the mutual feeling, she told Martins she’ll need to think about it, though, ‘yes’ was on her tongue already.
It’s such a wonderful day, she does not even feel like meeting Mr. Sam. But before she could call to inform him she’s annulling the appointment, the old man was already standing beside his car under the mango tree, carrying his pot belly like a foetus and his bald head like a crown. When he called her, she couldn’t even think of telling him no. He would be so mad. So, she went to him, and off they went to their normal suite. She had always wanted a comfortable place for such. A place where eyes wouldn’t stare, and fear wouldn’t come for their doings. But Mr. Sam is married with kids, he can’t take her home.
Tee quickly texted Bola she wouldn’t be coming to the hostel, she lied her mum called her to come home. She should have told her since mormig, but she wasn’t even sure she would be going out with the man.

It was a beautiful night, as Adekunle Gold’s, ‘beautiful night’ rocked the bar. She ate and drank, till it was few hours to the early morning of the other day.
Under the blanket, many happened. She would have preferred it without cover, but it was good anyway, it does hide the big figure she would have been seeing fingering her innocent underneath. Mr. Sam did all sorts and Tee felt it was paradise_like. She felt her body gone, and her soul floating on air, air that feeds.
That night he made her practice all she’s been taught, even her tongue participated in the strenuous stunning service. After few minutes past an hour, they were both tired. And they retired to sleep.
It was such a long night, that Toluwanimi woke up when the man has left. She hasn’t slept so long in days, she woke up at twelve noon. She quickly hastened out of bed, freshened up and ran to Mrs. Gbemi’s marketing class. She couldn’t even concentrate, thoughts of last night reiterated. How could she? How did she manage to? How did she enjoy sex with a man as old as her father. Is her life not ruined?
A married man has been touching her without protection. What if she gets pregnant? What will happen to her career? Will Mr. Sam ever fulfill his promises of doing all she wants? Then she remembered the dream. Was it a dream, imagination, or real happening? She remembered seeing a fetish pot and a white handkerchief soaked in blood. She had only seen such in Nollywood Yoruba where some old men use girls blood for ritual.
Could it be that she’s been used?


Sam used Tee?
Get to know in the concluding part.

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