When after all your ordeals,
You had your taste of salivating meal,
And that of a comfortable life,
Today! Only to hear it’s no longer your fight.
Would you put your home in order?
And unto death, surrender?!

After making poverty your spouse for a while
And luck finally saying “it’s time”,
Having fulfilled destiny,
And rendered help to many,
If death comes for your soul,
Would you be willing to let go?

After much hustle and struggle,
And you still living uncomfortable,
Having chased after this world and its vanity,
Having been nicknamed a nonentity,
If by closing your eyes,
You can see the heavenly abode,
Would you give your all to go places beyond all?

After seeing the revelation of horrors to come,
After dreaming of the Apocalypse to come,
Knowing there will be no tomorrow,
Knowing all we had is a lost hope,
If death comes with its offer,
Would you subscribe to die firsthand?

When harvest is almost ripe,
When at night,
Labourers go to sleep,
Awaiting the set time to reap
Then, death says to you “it is time”,
Knowing you won’t last the night,
Would you be prepared,
To accept the warm embrace of death?

When night comes calling,
And end times now dawning,
When all hope seems lost,
And all seems to be coming to a stop,
If finally, you can make a wish come true
Would you wish for death, to choose?!


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Author: Judaisky

Judaisky is a young writer who believes the world can only be saved PEACEFULLY through the tidings of the ink cos the pen is mightier than the sword. Do You want to know more about me, contact me 09039956005

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