THE DEADLY MARK (Love hunters)season 1 Episode 7


THE DEADLY MARK (Love hunters)season 1 Episode 7

Only the sound of distance vehicles and barking of dogs were heard from the quiet room. Everybody remained silent after Lawson gave the order. He began to walked around the room staring at the mark on the two papers. Only the sound of his footsteps were heard as others watched him in anticipation of the next suggestion.
“Can someone say something cuz I’m demn fricked out here?!” Kelly yelled in the silence. Yet, nobody said a thing as they kept on staring at each other. Cassandra was still surprise of the new ability she got. She couldn’t just believe herself.
“Your mother has some questions to answer, Cassandra” Lawson broke the silence.
“Then what are we waiting for? Lets start moving!” Kelly opened the door with a force looking at Cassnadra to lead the way. But she was still staring at Lawson.
“Start moving” Lawson told her.
“Why is she still standing there?!” Kelly yelled again from the door.
“Stop shouting at her!” Ruth yelled back at him.
Thessy grew impatient in anger looking at Ruth. “Mind the way you talk to him. I have tolerated it a lot” she said, and Ruth also looked at her angrily but didn’t say a word.
Meanwhile, Daniel sat close to the was with his two hands on his forehead shedding unseen tears. while Grace stood beside him.
Cassandra quit staring at Lawson and began to move towards the door in anger followed by Ruth.
“Come on, lets go” Grace dragged Daniel up. Kelly and Lawson watched them staggered out followed by Lawson before Kelly glanced at the dark room for the last time and closed the door.
Mrs Jonas was in her room stitching a cloth. The room looked just like that of a tailor that she was. One could see a big basket of clothes and others hung on the wall. Opposite the bed was an old sawing machine partially covered with clothes. Suddenly, she heard a knock on the door which directed her mind to the hour of the night. She glanced at the wall clock. 10:51pm.
The cotton which demarcated the sittingroom from her bedroom was flung aside as she went to the parlour. She opened the door. To her amazement, people looking very serious followed her daughter into the house without even a single greeting. All stood looking at her.
“Cassandra” Mrs Jonas called looking at her. “Who are these? I hope there’s no problem”
“They is a big problem!” Kelly spoke up angrily which actually gave Mrs Jonas bad expression on her face. She opened her eyes widely looking at Cassandra. “What could be the problem?” she asked.
“Mother, is about the make”
“What mark?”
“The one you called deadly from some sort of love hunters” she paused and glanced at others. “And one of us here has the mark” she concluded.
“What?! Who?!”
“We just want to know about the mark, ma’am” Lawson began. “So, can you please tell us what you know about this mark” he handed the two papers to her.
Mrs Jonas slowly took the papers staring at the marks in surprise with her hands shaking which scared the guys the more. Daniel looked at Grace.
“Why are your hands vibrating? Just tell us!” Grace exclaim.
“I won’t have you talk to my mother like that in my domain!” Cassandra rebuked her. Everywhere became quiet.
“It all started years ago even before you were all born” Mrs Jonas started. “Kali city had two lovers who loved each other so much but their lives were frustrated and tormented by jealous people of Kali. They were later discovered to be none Citizens of Kali city which made the jealous people frustrated their lives and kill them. I was only but a child. Few years later, many people in Kali city who were mostly inlove began to die. And this mark was seen on their bodies. So it was like a curse to the people Kali which killed many people but after several rituals by olden days spiritual and powerful men, the death rate of people of Kali who loved themselves stopped. So, i think they are back again”
“But why?!” Daniel asked.
“I don’t know!”
“So, I’m gonna die of what i know nothing about?! Jeez!”
At that point, Mrs Jonas realised that he was actually the one with the deadly mark. She moved closer to him and touch it.
“So, nothing can be done to prevent him from dying?” Thessy asked in tears. Even Cassandra and Ruth were already shedding tears.
Mrs Jonas shook her head piteously. “No” she replied and stepped backward.
“No, no, Something suppose to be done!” Lawson exclaimed.
“I am finished!” Daniel cried and began to walk towards the exit door.
Cassandra rushed him immediately in tears without minding the presence of Grace anymore. “Please, don’t say that. You are not gonna die” she cried while others watched them. Even Grace began to cry. Daniel stared at her and walked out without saying a word. “No!” his voice was heard from outside which made everybody ran out to check on him but he disappeared.
“Daniel!” Cassandra

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