THE DEADLY MARK (Love hunters) Season 1 Episode 8 :

(Love hunters)
Season 1

Episode 8

Daniel vanished into the air without a trace after coming out of Mrs Jonas house which had a tree like flower in front it and a wooden stairway that led to the entrance of the house. Everywhere was dark but electric light shone in every nearby buildings. Cassandra and Grace moved to and fro shouting Daniel’s name while Lawson and Kelly search around the tree premises still shouting the name of Daniel which actually increased the barking of dogs at a neighbour’s building. Meanwhile, Thessy and Ruth sat beside the wall of the house crying bitterly covering their faces. Everybody watched Lawson moved angrily towards Mrs Jonas who stood at her door vibrating in fear.
“Now, can you tell us the meaning of this?! You said anybody that has the mark dies. How come the disappearance of Daniel without a trace within a twinkle of an eye?!” Lawson asked angrily.
“I don’t know! You should also know that death comes in different ways!”
“Are you really saying that Daniel is dead and gone?” Ruth asked in tears.
“My dear, you don’t know what the love hunters are capable of doing. I smell a big problem in the city of Kali”
Suddenly, an ambulance drove with a speed and stopped at a distance building which diverted their attention to see what was going on there. All stared at the ambulance in silence. They could see medical officers rushed out of the vehicle into the building and came out carrying a dead body. Seeing that, Cassandra was moved. She began to walk towards the road without knowing what she was doing or where she was going to.
“Cassandra!” the mother called but she kept moving.
“Cassandra! Cassandra!!” Lawson ran to touch her before she realised herself.
“He has the mark too” she said in tears pointing at the ambulance.
“Who are you talking about?!”
“The dead body”
Others began to draw closer when they heard it. Lawson was more confused.
“How do you know all these?” he asked Cassandra.
“I don’t know! I just saw it”
“How did you see it!” Grace yelled.
“I said i don’t know!”
Lawson walked out angrily towards the ambulance followed by others except Mrs Jonas who was still vibrating in fear at the door.
“Please, sir, may we see the dead body?” Lawson requested.
“What for?” the officer asked.
“We are looking for one of our own who just disappeared”
“Did you just say disappeared?”
Lawson kept quiet.
Seeing the seriousness on his face, the officer zipped the dead body opened and the mark was seen on his forehead. Thessy vomited in the gutter when she saw it.
“Do you know about the mark?” the officer asked.
“No, we don’t know. And thanks for your effort” replied Lawson and he out out followed by others back to Mrs Jonas. She was then sitting in the parlour with the door opened. They entered and got sitted sluggishly in silence.
“I think there must be a solution to these” Ruth broke the silence.
“The only solution is..” Mrs Jonas paused and continued as everybody listened to her. “You all have to stay away from relationships, get rid of feelings of love and intimacy. Not that it will save you but it can only increase the number of days of your death. The love hunters only hunt the young people who are inlove, and this is also the period when people truly know those who love them”
“You mean i am the next to die because Daniel is.. was my boyfriend?”
“Yes, if you truly loved him” she replied.
“This whole thing is crazy!” Kelly shouted. Immediately, Grace ran outside.
“Come on baby, lets get out of here” Kelly held Thessy’s hand, they also went out.
Lawson and Ruth stared at each other on the cushion. He stood up stretching his hand for her to grab. Ruth gently grabbed it and they went out too. “Thank you ma’am” Lawson turned and greeted Mrs Jonas.
Meanwhile, Cassandra was still crying with her legs folded and tied together with her hands on the cushion..
Grace ran into their house with tears in her eyes. She jumped on Mrs Vicker, her mother who was watching news in the parlour.
“Grace, what is it?”
“Mummy, Daniel is dead!”
“What?! How.. i mean when?”
“Tonight, Mummy And I’m the next to die!”
Mrs Vicker got confused and stared at her daughter in thought..
On the other hand, Thessy had followed Kelly to his apartment. She was still in tears leaning on the wall while Kelly sat on the bed. “We have to break up” she said which made Kelly raised his head up looking at her..
Ruth also told Lawson the same thing when they got home. Both Walked around the room angrily.
“We can’t break-up” Lawson replied.
“But you heard the woman, right?”
“What about the feelings?! No matter what we do, the feelings will still be there”
“But I’m scared, Lawson” she began to cry..
Grace cried bitterly on her mothers thighs. The mother gave a weak and thoughtful smile.
“How do u know u are the next to die? What even killed Daniel?!”
“Love hunters, Mummy”
Mrs Vicker stood up sharply thinking on how her daughter knew about the Love hunters..

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