THE DEADLY MARK (Love hunters) Season 1 Episode 5

(Love hunters)
Season 1

Episode 5
The television in the parlour of Mrs Jonas had no duplicate in the city of Kali because of it’s nature. It was small but mighty. Pictures of her late husband, Jonas hung on the wall and a long cushion which she sat down with Cassandra stood opposite the television.
“The mark is deadly” Mrs Jonas began. “Years ago, it killed many people and tormented some people’s life..” she exhaled deeply. “It was disastrous!”
“Does it mean that the person i love will die?” Cassandra asked.
“If only he has the mark, but i think he has it because you saw it in your dream”
“But I’m not inlove with any man neither am i in any relationship”
“My dear” the mother held her hands. “We shouldn’t draw into conclusion. I just told you about your dream. So be becareful”
Cassandra stood up without saying a word and looking worried. She went back to the kitchen but came out at the same time when she remembered that Daniel made mention of the mark. She quickly grabbed her phone to call him but the number wasn’t going through. Then she became more worried.
It was already dark, but electricity made the street lively. Cassandra walked briskly to the lonely street wearing only a jean trouser and a top and leaving her hair naturally. She got to Daniel’s apartment to see why his number wasn’t going through. She activated the alarm door severally but there was no response.
Meanwhile, Grace was also on her way to Daniel’s apartment looking arrogant. She wore her tight jean trouser, high-heel shoes and a fairy top without minding the nature of the weather. She came in contact with Cassandra coming out from Daniel’s apartment. It was a narrow passage with metal protectors by the two sides. Cassandra’s heart skipped with she saw her. “I just hope she doesn’t think otherwise” she thought and stop in her presence.
“Hi, Grace” she said.
“What-are-you-doing-here?” Grace stressed.
“I.. I just came to check on Daniel..”
“As what?” she interrupted with her hands on her waist.
“He’s number has not been going true ever since..”
“Spear me that!” she walked closer to her staring at her.
Cassandra exhaled deeply and shook her head to place her dangling hair at a point. “I think i should be going now” she concluded and walked out. Then Graced smiled bitterly.
Kelly was an open minded person. He bounced into the empty building wearing a big jean trouser and a face cap which he tied round with a red handkerchief. In his arms was Thessy, the girl he call his own. She wore a tight pen leggings and a T-shirt which she tied the below thereby showcasing her attractive abdomen. They both physically fit together. They entered into the room and found others except Daniel and Grace.
“Xup you, guys!” Kelly raised his two hands in the air.
“Welcome bro” Lawson shook hands with him.
Thessy knew that all wasn’t well with Cassandra when she got close to her standing with Ruth. “I hope all is well” she said but didn’t receive a response. Only a wave of hand from Ruth.
“Lets gather up!” Lawson exclaimed and they all stood in circle. At that point, Grace walked in through the door. The sound of her shoes echoed the whole room as everybody stared at her in silence.
“Where’s Daniel?” Lawson asked her.
“Ask her” Grace responded looking at Cassandra which made everyday stared at her.
“What do mean by that?!” Cassandra interrogated angrily.
“But you are the last person to leave his apartment tonight!”
“Don’t be silly, Grace!”
“You are the one silly, you debauchery!” Grace stepped forward. “Can you explain what you were doing at his apartment earlier tonight?!”
“Did you just call me a debauchery?!” she wanted to also step forward but was prevented by Ruth.
“Hey!” Lawson exclaimed. “Can you both keep quiet and get back to your positions?!”
Everywhere became quiet.
He continued, “We are not designed to quarrel or hate one another but love each other! What has come over you?!” he looked at Cassandra. “Where is Daniel?”
“I don’t know” she replied with her hands folded and looking uninterested to the question.
“Where is Daniel?” Lawson also asked Grace.
“I don’t know, and his number is not going through” she replied boldly chewing a gum.
“What is going on?” Lawson got confused.
“Try calling his number” Kelly suggested.
“It has been off!” he looked at Cassandra again. “What were you doing in his apartment this evening?”
“I only went to check on him”
“And what happened?!” Grace interfered from a distance.
“And nothing happened! I didn’t even see him!” she moved forward again. “Are you saying that i know he’s way about?! Or do you think i have something to do with him?!”
“If you don’t then what were you doing in his apartment” Grace moved forward too.
“I don’t blame you!”
“You wanna fuck with me, right?! Coz I’m gonna teach you a lesson!”
“Stop!” Lawson shouted again but they wouldn’t listen. Suddenly, the door cracked open and everybody turned to see the cause. Daniel slowly walked in bleeding..

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