THE DEADLY MARK ( Love hunters) Season 1 Episode 28. Final episode.

(Love hunters)
Season 1

Final Episode (Episode 28)
The room was so bright that Ruth could see Lawson’s face as she waited patiently for him to give her a trustworthy response.
“My love why would you think of such a thing?” Lawson began looking at her silently. “How can you believe i have something to do with Cassandra? She’s just the one who i worked with to see that you were found due to her natural and supernatural abilities. You are the one i love till.. even in the next world”
Ruth felt ashame for asking him such a question for the first time. “I’m sorry my love” she apologized. “I just got worried from the way i saw both of you together”
Lawson hugged her. “You don’t have to dear” he said rubbing his hand on her back.
Meanwhile, Cassandra and Kelly had gone to the mortuary to check on Thessy. The mortuary was a bungalow but well equipped. One can hardly tell that is it a mortuary. Their steps echoed the whole building as they entered walking briskly into the inner room where dead bodies are kept. They saw a man with a white hand-gloves in his hands. He was fat with a big stomach wearing a dress like gown but had two pair of legs.
“Hey, man!” Kelly threw a greeting to him.
“Welcome” the mortuary attendant replied looking at them. “What can i do you for?”
“I just want to check on my girl” Kelly answered.
“What’s her tag?”
The man stared at a large metal square like shape with chest of drawers on it. He was actually looking for Thessy’s tag. He finally saw it and dragged the chest of drawer opened. Smoke came out from it. Cassandra adjusted with Kelly to see it Thessy was naked lying straight with her eyes closed tightly.
“She’s doing perfectly fine” said the mortuary attendant.
“Her burial will be in two days time” Kelly said. “Please, keep an eye on her” he pleaded.
Cassandra remained speechless seeing the beautiful dead body of Thessy. Then she shook her head piteously. “I’m sorry, man” she told Kelly as they were walking out.
“The love hunters took the only person precious to me away. I wish i can take my revenge!”
“The curse has been broken. There’s no way they can come back again”
Kelly kept quiet walking with his hands in his pockets.
All assembled in the house of Mrs Jonas. Daniel and Ruth were very strong standing beside their spouse. While Kelly and Cassandra stood beside each other.
“We’velost one of our own” Cassandra began. “Thessy was a closed friend of ours. Though is a good thing that the curse has been broken but i don’t think the fight is over..”
“What do you mean by that?” Daniel interrupted.
“I don’t know until i discover it”
Ruth walked forward and hugged her tightly. “Thank you so much” she said from her shoulder. Then Cassandra smiled and reciprocated. “All thanks should go to Grace, she broke the curse” she looked at Grace who smiled uncontrollable.
“Thank you, Grace” Ruth turned to her.
“I’m happy to have both of you back”
“But why were we captured?” Daniel asked but Cassandra remained quiet staring at him.
“Because they wanted me and the book” she replied. Then all remained quiet looking at each other in the silence.
All were in black and black at a new cemetery for the burial of Thessy. Grace never hesitated to wear her black hat and a pair of eyeglass chewing gun with her hands folded. All watched as the casket slowly went down into the tomb. Then Kelly let out tears and patted by Cassandra on his back shedding tears too. Lawson and Ruth held each other he could see tears dropping from Ruth’s eyes. “Is okay” he said silently without looking at her but patting her back too. Few minutes later, the burial ended. Everybody went to their domain.
The day was dark when Cassandra was all alone in her room with the book on her bed. She wore a yellow bumshort and a white top which exposed her bra. She laid on the bed trying to open the book but a knock interrupted her. Then she stood up quickly to open the door. She couldn’t believe who she saw- Daniel. She first stared at him at the door before letting him in. “Hi, Daniel” she said.
“Hi, Cassandra” he replied and sat down with him. Then they stared at each other.
“I just came to thank you personally for saving my life. You are indeed a heroin. And thank God for your powers.
“Is nothing” Cassandra smiled.
“Thank you once again”
“You are welcome”
Daniel stood up. “I guess i have to be on my way now”
“So soon?” she also stood up.
“Yes, i have to be at home now”
“Okay” she walked him moved towards the door. “Daniel?” she call and met him at the door looking at him. “I will always be here for you if you need me”
“Okay, thanks” Daniel smiled and walked away. Then Cassandra slowly walked back into her room. “I just hope he knows my feelings one-day” she thought and had a FLASH of dead looking like people coming for the book. “There are coming!” she shouted and grabbed the book immediately.

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