THE DEADLY MARK ( Love hunters) Season 1 Episode 25

(Love hunters)
Season 1

Episode 25
Grace drove faster with a higher velocity than Cassandra. They saw her back light flashed on and off bringing out the beauty of the car. Then Lawson looked at Cassandra again. “If the people attacked you at the cemetery aren’t the love hunters, then who are they?” he asked.
“I don’t know, i just don’t get the whole think until i get to my step mum. I think i have to read the history of my late mother like a book” she replied looking at the curse book. Lawson kept quiet for a moment.
“May i asked you something?” he requested.
“Why didn’t i get the deadly mark?”
“You were definitely gonna have it if not that the curse was broken. Unless you aren’t inlove wit Ruth” she glanced at him. Lawson looked at her without saying a word.
Mrs Vicker heard the sound of her car parked outside and hurried outside.
Grace stepped out. Her mother stood at the door looking at her arrogant dressing.
“Explain where you are coming from”
“From the love hunters” she replied walking freely.
The mother remained speechless looking at her in surprise and opened the door widely for her to enter. They sat in the sittingroom.
“How did you know where the love hunters that died years ago are?”
Grace smiled and told her mother how it all started from Cassandra who got a book and found herself seeing spiritual things.
Mrs Vicker exhaled deeply. “So, you had the guts to follow them to the cemetery?”
“I had to, just to help my friends”
“So why was Daniel captured instead of dying?”
“Because of Cassandra” she stood up. “Still don’t know d reason why” she added walking to the door.
“Where are you going?!”
“To Cassandra’s!”
“Take my car!”
“Thanks mum!” her voice echoed from outside. The next thing her mother heard was the sound of the car. She drove off.
Kelly and Mrs Jonas were still excited seeing Cassandra and Lawson on the television which signified to them that they were fine. Suddenly, the door cracked opened. Cassandra entered followed by Lawson looking dirty from head to toes.
“My Child!” Mrs Jonas stood up hugging Cassandra tightly.
“I’m happy to see you too mother” she smiled from her shoulder. However, Kelly had shook a heroic hand with Lawson.
“I saw you on television” said Mrs Jonas. “I believe all is well now”
“Yes, i believe so”
At that moment they heard a car engines from outside. Kelly looked through the window. “It’s Grace” he said looking at everybody.
“Hi” Grace entered in the silent house.
“Welcome my child” replied Mrs Jonas.
“Welcome, Grace” Kelly said.
“So how did the journey go?” Mrs Jonas became inquisitive.
“All thanks to Grace, she saved the night and the citizens of Kali at large” Cassandra replied looking at Grace and smiling.
Kelly opened his eyes. “You mean grace followed you?”
“Yes, we suddenly found her at the cemetery” replied Lawson. Everywhere became quiet as they stared at Grace suspiciously.
“Thank you, Grace” Cassandra broke the silence and look at her mother. “Mother, can i ask you something?”
“What is it my dear? Go on!”
“Did my late mother have an encounter with the love hunters?”
“Your mother had an encounter and issues with several people in the past who were as powerful as she was” she looked at her in a way that explains: why asking? Then Cassandra took two steps forward. “I saw dead people and they called my mother names and also requested for the book”
“Oh mine!” Mrs Jonas exclaimed. “Did you just say they wanted the book?”
“Yes, or i die”
“My dear, i don’t know anything anymore. This is beyond me”
Cassandra glanced at Lawson. Then Grace fully understood who Cassandra was and where her power came from.
“Are we in any trouble?” she asked.
“No, i think I’m the one in trouble” Cassandra replied looking at the book.
“You need to freshen up my child” said her mother.
“I guess i will be going now, see you tomorrow” Grace walked out.
“Wait Grace!” Cassandra pursued her. They met outside looking at each other.
“Thank you once again” Cassandra began. “I’m sorry..”
“No!” Grace interrupted. “I’m the one that should be apologising. I’m sorry”
“Is okay, it doesn’t matter” Cassandra hugged her tightly.
“Good night” Grace said.
The governor requested the presence of Cassandra. While Daniel and Ruth had regained consciousness.
At the government house, Cassandra sat with the governor which she had never thought to do in her life! State Security Service (SSS) could be seen with heavy guns.
“Your name will always be remembered in Kali city” the governor began. “I must commend on your effort. Thank you”
“My pleasure, your excellency”
“But, i wonna ask you somethin, how did you know everythin about the love hunters?”
“From history”
“What abt the captivity of your friends by the love hunters? Do u have anything in common with dem?”
“No, ur excellency”
The governor exhaled deeply..
Meanwhile, Grace sat beside Daniel while Lawson sat beside Ruth in d hospital. Even Kelly was there.

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