THE DEADLY MARK ( Love hunters) Season 1 Episode 24

(Love hunters)
Season 1

Episode 24
Federal Hospital was populated with different people and journalists who waited patiently to receive news from Cassandra and her friends.
It was really dark but the environment seemed as if it was day time due to uninterrupted power supply that shone all over the hospital.
On the other hand, Grace, Cassandra and Lawson were still standing at a glass that demarcated the patient room. They could see Daniel and Ruth still lying unconscious. Cassandra glanced at Grace with her month full of questions. She wanted to ask but was interrupted by a voice from behind.
“Welcome back” DPO Cain approached looking very huge and tall. Beside him were two policemen with heavy AK-47 guns.
“I’m very sorry, i would have given you some of my men to acompany you” he added.
“No, it would have been of no use sir” Cassandra replied.
“Because it wasn’t a physical battle”
Cain exhaled heavily looking at Grace and then finally stared at the patient room where Ruth and Daniel were. “Who are they?” he asked.
“They are our friends” Lawson replied.
“Where did you pick them?”
“From the…”
“They were taken by the love hunters just to get to me” Cassandra interrupted. Then Lawson and Grace stared at her astonished. Even the DPO became surprise looking at her steadily.
“Are you saying that the love hunters know you or have anything in common with you?” Cain was still inquisitive.
“I don’t know, but i think the answer is personal”
“Are you in anyway behind this deadly mark?”
“Fuck you, DPO!” cassandra exclaimed pointing at him which made the two policemen raised their guns. “I suffered so hard just to make sure the young citizens of Kali get free of the deadly mark all you could do is to point accusing fingers on me, demn!” she walked away followed by Lawson and Grace.
“You shouldn’t have asked her that!” Lawson told the DPO on his face and walked out like a supper-man.
“Oh boy!” the DPO exhaled and walked into the room to examin Daniel and Ruth. While Cassandra and her friends walked outside.
“Where are we going now?” Grace asked.
“I need to see my mother” said Cassandra as they walked briskly on the shiny ties. “She has some explanation to make about my late mother”
Grace briefly glanced at Lawson. She had a slightly bo-leg that were in her back tight boots. Her butt was round and heavy compared to Cassandra’s who also slightly had a K-leg but can hardly be noticed. Lawson was a tall and straight man. All walked outside heroically. Then newscasters and journalists rounded them but couldn’t climb the higher corridor where Cassandra stood with her friends like heroes.
“Ma’am, is it true that the deadly mark was a curse by love hunters?” a journalist asked stretching her mic.
“Yes, is true and the curse has been broken”
“How, ma’am?”
“No comment”
“Is it true that you have a supernatural power and a magic book?” another person asked.
“No comment” she wanted to step down but was prevented by another question from the crowed.
“What do you know about the love hunters?”
“You should know from the history of Kali city” she replied struggling to enter into her car.
Meanwhile, the governor was watching them on the television likewise Mrs Vicker, Kelly and Mrs Jonas.
“Ma’am, is it true the love hunters captured two people alive?”a newscaster asked again.
“No comment” Cassandra finally entered into the car with Lawson while Grace entered her mum’s car. They drove off.
In side the car, Lawson was quietly glancing at Cassandra occasionally. He had so many questions related to the journalists to ask her but didn’t know where to start.
“How did Grace find her way into the cemetery?” Cassandra broke the silent.
“She followed us, according to her” replied Lawson.
“But why would she do that?”
“She said you wouldn’t have allowed her follow us if she had told you”
Cassandra remained quiet driving very fast…
On the other hand, Grace was all alone in her car contemplating on the exact words of Cassandra to the DPO. “What does Cassandra have with the love hunters that they had to capture Daniel and Ruth just to have her?” she thought and grabbed her phone. Then she remembered that she put it off and then put it on. Immediately her mother called.
“Hello, Mummy, I’m so sorry!”
“Where have you been with my car and what were you doing on television with your friends?”
“Is a long story mum..”
Lawson looked at Cassandra boldly and asked, “Is it true the love hunters wanted you personally by capturing Daniel and Ruth?”
“Yes” she replied without looking at him.
“I don’t know, but i think they had issues with my late mother. They called my mother a wicked witch. But you know what?” she looked at him. “I don’t think they are the love hunters”
Lawson stared at her looking very confused and scared..
Grace strove faster to meet them and then whined down the car glass. “Hey!”
Cassandra turned, “Hi”
“We shall see later, i have to see my mum!”
“Alright!” they smiled..

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