THE DEADLY MARK ( Love hunters) Season 1 Episode 23

(love hunters)
Season 1

Episode 23
Lawson reserved the discussion for another moment as they approached the police vehicle which shone red, yellow and blue light above it. Grace pulled over and put on the inner light of the car. The policeman shone a torchlight into the car and saw Ruth and Daniel lying unconsciously on the back seat before he point the torchlight at Grace. “Who are you?” he asked then point it on Lawson’s face. “Hey, i think you look familiar”
“Yes, the one who was with the governor earlier today” Lawson replied.
“Really? the governor has been expecting your arrival”
The policeman stared at him in surprise. “Don’t you know the deadly mark has gone?! And all thanks go to you and your friend. The governor wants to see you” he added.
“I don’t want to see any governor! I want to go to the hospital and you are wasting our time”
“We will take you there” he brought out a phone and called the head of office. Grace glanced at Lawson and drove off with the Policemen vehicles before and behind them-they were in the middle driving with a high speed. Then Lawson laid his head back on the seat wishing that Cassandra will just appear from nowhere.
The news had reached the DPO and other citizens of Kali that the people they had been waiting for were back which made him sent more men to them.
“This is 601, we are heading to the federal hospital” a policeman said from the vehicle in motion.
“Okay” another voice sounded from the other side of the phone.
They made a reverse into another road with a speed still with Grace and Lawson’s car inbetween.
Cameramen and news broadcasters stood at the entrance of the hospital when Grace drove in with several police vehicles. They came out from their cars carrying heavy guns as they round Lawson and Grace who carried Daniel and Ruth into the hospital preventing newscasters from getting close to them. One could see news broadcaster holding a microphone and standing in front of a camera. The microphone had a square like paper written KTV.
“This is KTV live at federal hospital where actually a man and a woman who are believed to be the ones dat broke the curse of the love hunters..”
Camera light shone at every angle trying to capture Lawson and Grace as they entered into the hospital.
Daniel and Ruth were taken care of by doctors immediately. While Lawson and Grace sat down quietly on a chair waiting for the doctors report. Behind them was a protector window which one could see people outside through it. Suddenly, Lawson turned sharply to the sound of a vehicle that drove into the hospital. He stared at the female driver. “Cassandra?” he called and Grace also turned sharply. “Is Cassandra!” both ran outside. They watched her struggle to come in through the crowd of people. Lawson climbed down moving towards her in the mist of the crowd. They finally met and hugged each other tightly while Grace stood above d corridor watchin dem. Meanwhile, the policemen prevented people 4rm comin close to them. Cassandra climbed the corridor starin at Grace. Then she hugged her tightly and Grace reciprocated.
“What happened?” Lawson asked from behind.
“Yes, how did you escape?” Grace supported.
“Is a long story” Cassandra began move inside the hospital followed by Grace and Lawson at the same time. “How are Ruth and Daniel?” she asked.
“They are being taken care of” Grace replied. Then they stopped at the room where Ruth and Daniel were receiving treating. They could see them through a glass.
“Tell us the long story” Lawson was still curious and Cassandra stared at him..
Cassandra sank into the breaking ground and partially covered up. She was totally losing her breath until she felt herself dying silently with closed eyes. She saw a woman in a white apparel who stretched her hand and said, “Up my child and save the book” suddenly, she felt the ground opening physically which made her struggled out. A voice came out from the bush, “I knew you will come which is why i captured your friends to get to you. So you must die!”
Cassandra ran and grabbed the book. “Show your face!” she shouted before a dead looking human being came out from the bush. His cloths were torn and he had a skull like head.
“You are as stubborn as your witch mother. You must surrender the book or you die!”
As Cassandra wanted to open the book, the wind started again. She could see other dead people coming out from the ground. Then she began to read a particular page in Kalish standing boldly in one position as they come closer to her. Suddenly, a light from the book explode in the sky which made them disappeared. Then she began to run to the broke down vehicle. Before she could get there, the headlights of the car was on. Then she started it and drove home..
“Where is the book now?” Lawson asked.
“In the car”
“So happy to have you back” he hugged her..

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