THE DEADLY MARK ( Love hunters) Season 1 Episode 22

(Love hunters)
Season 1

Episode 22
Taking a brave step for the safety of other people is a heroic move. The ground was vibrating and breaking down when Cassandra made a heroic move to get hold of the book of curses. While Grace gathered all her strength to put unconscious Ruth on her shoulder. Then she began to run leaving Lawson who was looking at Cassandra behind. She suddenly stopped to see what was going on.
“Don’t go back, Cassandra!” Lawson shouted with Daniel on his shoulder.
“Cassandra, leave the book!” Grace added from a distance. Yet she was still running to get the book.
It was really dark but they could see themselves in the lonely and scary bush. No other thing was seen except the breaking ground. Cassandra, in her brave appearance got stocked and fell inside an opened ground without the eyes of Lawson and Grace seeing her anymore.
“No!” Lawson shouted and dropped Daniel to help her but the force which the ground was breaking towards him like an earthquake prevented him to go further.
“Lawson lets go!” Grace shouted again from a distance.
Seeing the force of the breaking ground, Lawson ran back and carried Daniel. Then they began to run towards the main road. They sighted the broken down car from afar which gave Grace hope of getting close to the main road because the weight of Ruth exerted on her body. When they got to the car, Lawson wanted to put Daniel inside but Grace interrupted him saying, “Lets use my car!”
“Your car?”
“Yes, my mum’s” she replied before they headed to the main road where Grace’s car was parked alone the roadside. Lawson looked back hopping to see Cassandra coming but every was dark and calmed.
“Lets go!” Grace shouted starting the car.
Lawson put Daniel in the back seat and entered before Grace drove out with a high speed. Even the sound of the rotating back tyre was heard and smoked as she drove off. She adjusted the headlights to be able to see far. She could hear Lawson breathing heavily in the quiet vehicle. Then she occasionally glanced at him.
“No, no, no! Pull over!!” Lawson shouted in a loud voice.
“I said stop the car!”
Grace matched the brake forcefully which magneted then forward and finally backward when she released the brake. Lawson began to cry covering his face. “I still can’t believe Cassandra is dead” he said with a broken voice letting out the tears of a man. “I don’t feel like going home without her” he added.
Grace stared at him piteously. She was also touched by the death of Cassandra as they believed. Then she placed her hand around his shoulder in sympathy. “It’s just so hard to admit it, but we couldn’t do anything at that moment to save her life. So don’t blame yourself for her death. We need to mark sure that Ruth and Daniel are safe for now. Please, lets take them to the hospital” she gradually started the car and drove off. While Lawson was still in tears thinking of what message he will give to Mrs Jonas. Few minutes later, he dried his tears and glanced at Grace in the silence. She looked at him too and removed her face. She could sense that Lawson was about to be inquisitive. Then Lawson looked at her steady and asked, “How did you find your way to the cemetery?”
“I said it!” Grace exclaimed within her mind…
Kelly and Mrs Jonas were still watching the news on how the city of Kali was relieved of the greatest burden of their lives. Suddenly, they saw the governor stood to make a speech: Great citizens of Kali, it is a good thing to know that the deadly mark has gone without questioning why. I can assure you that your freedom from the deadly mark is caused by just two citizens who are yet to be received back from.. from the love hunters, believed to be the ones who laid the curse on this great city according to the history of Kali..”
Mrs Jonas and Kelly looked at themselves.
“He’s talking about Lawson and Cassandra” said Kelly.
“Please, nothing should happen to my child” Mrs Jonas grabbed her chest…
Lawson was still waiting for Grace to give a reasonable answer to his question in the silence. There was a green light from the car CD drive where music are played which made the inner car a bit visible. Then Graced looked at him and said. “I followed you guys from the government house road to the police station after meeting Kelly”
“Then why didn’t you just stop us to join us instead of following us”
“I knew Cassandra wouldn’t have agreed”
“Do you think I’m lying?! You know how Cassandra and i have been like cat and rat”
Lawson stared at her to continued.
“I know you guys take me as a bad person” Grace began with a low voice. “I know i have hurt Cassandra for no reason, and i wish she was around for me to apologise to her. It was actually because i thought she was snatching Daniel away from me until i realised that i wasn’t even inlove with him” she paused and sniffed in when she saw police vehicle. Then Lawson remained speechless….

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