THE DEADLY MARK (Love hunters) Season 1 Episode 14

(Love hunters)
Season 1

Episode 14
The colour of the sittingroom changed due to the light from the book. Lawson opened his eyes widely when he saw it. Then the light gradually went off.
“What was that?!”
“I don’t know”
“Well, what do you see?”
Cassandra continuously opened severally pages of the book. “I see nothing but writings in Kalish”
“Well, can you read it?”
“Wait!” she stood up sharply with the book when she saw a drawing of the exact bush where she normally see dead people and vibrating tree. “This is the place!”
“What place?”
“Where i saw Ruth and Daniel. This look like a book about curses and spells” she looked at Mrs Jonas who was vibrating by the corner. “Can you tell me more about my mum?”
“My dear, your mother was a powerful woman who unlish curses to people and also had the power to break courses. She was actually the reason why your father left the old building for her and divorced her..”
Cassandra looked at the book again and began to read the particular page in Kali language. As she read, her eyes closed again. She could see the bush and tree clearly. Under the tree are two graves which are written ‘My love’. Suddenly, she saw a dead looking human being trying to dig up the grave…
“Cassandra!” Lawson interrupted her physically. “What is it?”
“I think i need to get to this bush” she replied.
At that point, Lawson’s phone rang-the strange number was calling. He glanced at it but refused to pick it. Cassandra stretched her hands for him to give it to her. She picked it and placed it on her ears. Then whispering sounds were heard on the cell phone. “Ruth? Ruth!” she called but the sound lingered.
“How much do you love your friends, then come and get them” a whispering voice said through the phone.
“Where are they?” She asked but a loud scary voice laughed on the phone which got Cassandra scared, then she threw the phone on the cushion looking at Lawson.
“I have to save Ruth and Daniel wherever they are and i must find them. As for now, lets go and see Thessy” she kept the book and left with Lawson.
A long table could been seen inside the building with men in black suit sat around it. The governor just walked in Collecting a big envelope from a man standing beside his seat, then he sat down.
“I want a tangible report!” he said.
“Your excellency, a medical report prove to be negative about the mark” one of the men spoke up.
“Then what are you telling me? That we gonna watch our young citizens die just like that?”
“Your excellency, doctors and scientist are working hard to find a cure for it”
The governor exhaled deeply. “Now, what am i to tell the people because they are already waiting for me?”
“Exactly what you have been told, your excellency”
He stood and walking out to give a speech on national television.
Meanwhile, Lawson and Cassandra were in a taxi heading to Kelly’s resident. They could see the governor on a public television positioned to say something: All citizens of Kali, we are working so hard to make sure we find a cure for this deadly mark. Please, we urge you to keep staying away from any relationships or emotional feelings till further notice…
Lawson stepped out of the taxi. “How can people be so dumb?” he asked Cassandra. “How would the government think they could get a cure for the deadly mark? I think is spiritual”
Cassandra kept quiet walking slowly with her hands in her jacket. “Yes, i think so too” she finally said.
Kelly stood up to open the door when he heard the alarm. Then Lawson entered with Cassandra. They were surprise to see Grace there too sitting close to Thessy who was tired of crying. They all met again. Grace’s eyes caught with that of Cassandra but they remained quiet.
“Where have you guys been to?” Kelly broke the silence.
“We have been working on so many things” Lawson replied. “And Cassandra has the mark too”
“What?! Thessy stood up. “I thought you weren’t inlove with anyone” she added. Immediately, Grace opened her eyes widely.
“Yes, that’s true, I’m not inlove with anyone” Cassandra replied looking at Grace.
“Then how come you got the mark?” Grace asked but she remained quiet still looking at her.
“So we are going to die” Thessy broke down in tears.
“No, we are not gonna die” Cassandra rushed her to console her. “Even Daniel and Ruth is still alive” she added.
“What?!” Grace drew closer.
“I thought, Ruth has traveled” Kelly said curiously.
“She encountered an accident and disappeared just like Daniel” Lawson explained.
“Oh, my God!!”
“Then how de hell do you know they are still alive, and where are they?!” Grace asked.
“Because i saw them, and we are walking so hard to put and end to this!”
“You saw them?” Grace drew closer.
“Yes” Cassandra also moved forward. “Now, what are you gonna call me? A witch? Or a being possessed?” she added.
Grace remained quiet. She gradually walked out and banged the door closed…

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