When water pass garri,
Then yawa don gas
And kasala don burst join.pls
My head dey shake like jelly fish,
My belle dey h,
Water don commot for my eye,
See as frustration dey do me make up.

*Poet: Ogomigo Roland.*

Dugbe dugbe don fall
Land lord carry sit for door
Like he be gate keeper
Fear dey catch me like fever
House rent don expire
Person dey suffer as per say money don retire
Who go samba the beat?
Human pikin need money to sama the heat.

*Poet: Capital D*

I dey like Dele
Dey observe like observer
Sharp sharp I hit jackpot
Na then bad belle people come they show their face like witche witche
Dey live village cum they fly around my window
God pass una ooh
God dey myself like John seina.

*poet: Amicable*

Wetin man go do?
Na atol atol bad pass.
I no say Jah never tire for my matter_
E no mean say church rat better pass me_
Na only time fit tell who be who.
Bàbá God, abeg pick up my call.


Eye balls turn red
Stomach still begs
Voice so low,
and mouth remains dry

No water no food
Yet roam about the wood
all that claim brotherhood
Only feed me blackwood


As poor man no fit bubble
Make him jeje dey hustle
One day we go beta pass Amerika
Baba God wey create am no go dump am
make im shayo ontop God gbedu
Maka na Uche Chukwu ga emezu.
For cow wey no geht tail,Na im god dey pursue flies for am .


All work and no play
Makes jack dully dully.
Na so them talk am.​
So, Ama keep tightening mah seat belt,
Never letting down my guard.
Ama also loosen it sef,
When the time for ija igboro comes.
Me no send person o.
Don’t give a shitty damn.

© *Mojisola Josephine*
*M . J*

sidown dey look like Lukman
I come church, turn to watchman
Unto say nothing dey to Jah Jehovah.
Wetin man go do?
Na to wait for Jehovah overdo
To shook mouth for my matter
To make me drink better water


Hunger waka for my belle
Fighting to be free
I try push am comot
But power pass power
He defeated me
Chai! He coz me pain
slowly driving me insane,
I keep am inside
deep inside,
I just the smile, but as e dey do me
You know go understand-

*©Zim’s Pen*

What is suffering
Other than pain
that makes dreams watch season films
In 3D plasma TV


No be say I dey chop plywood,
Ah beggi I be the creator ,
Fit make garri come out in styles
People for don tag me AJEPAKO,
Oluwa reason my matter,
Make me sef dey chop shoprite bread an butter

*​Dr Oluyemi​*

Me dey sare kaba kaba
Becos gold don reach my kaban
Awon olote dey watch like scarman
But bad belle people must comot
Cos Bros J dey dey my dormot.

*Sage O’fire*

They no born me for suffer suffer
Those I taught in schools are now driving Range Rover
Baba God na watin I do to deserve this casala
The only thing I see chop na cassava
Anyway na to work and pray for my own rang rover
Because I don tire for suffer suffer

*E. D. Oghre*

Everyday na walkie walkie,
To find wetin man pikin go chop.
Every interview na talkie talkie,
Make I sha just land the job.
Every night sef na weakie weakie,
Na then we know say body no be wood.
Make I just continue my talkie talkie,
To my Baba God wey pass all of them join.

© *Mojisola Josephine*
*M . J*

I don waka, I don taya,
Searching for wetin man go take survive,
As job no dey my country,
Na hin I waka go obodo-oyinbo,
Na shit dem say make I dey pack,
Or make I dey wash dead body,
Nothing wey man eye never see.

© *Emperor’s Diary*

I no like wetin they happen again o
Even my certificate don know d history of owu
Chai! Na offence my mama born me for Nigeria
Baba God bikozianu wetin I do wrong? Na which offense I commit for heaven
My neighbour’s dog they chop better food pass me

The new lyrics my stomach they compose na
‘Money no they, food they like asuu. How survival go reign’
If I wan commit suicide now, i sure say worms no go see flesh chop
My bones go dance when town crier they hit his gongon
Snow go fall for my better worse country if change won apply


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