Good day everyone. I’m going to be taking everyone on a talent journey. And I’m specifically going to be talking on these three points.
*Description of talents*
This will help us to really understand what talents are, how to recognize talents, in what dimension they come and how they look like.

*Ways of discovering talents*
This will lead us on various ways to discover our talents. It will lead us on recognizing the steps in discovering talents. Remember, everyone has got a talent.

*Uses of talents*
This will help us in understanding how to generated a lot from our talents, what they can be used for, what we can do with them, how we can use them and what they can be used for.

Now, on to what talents are. The detailed description of talents. How talents and hobbies are intertwined and related.

Talents are natural, inborn gifts. They are the things we naturally fin ourselves doing without being compelled to. They are action that become hobbies overtime. Mind you, talents can be hobbies but hobbies are never talents. For instance, I am naturally good at singing. It is an inborn thing. I do much love singing that I even do it unconsciously. It has become a hobby and it is also a talent. Also, I love watching soap operas. This is clearly a hobby. But can you say that watching soap operas is a talent cause it’s an hobby. Of course not. That’s why I say talents can be hobbies, but hobbies are never talents.
Never confuse both.

Some examples of talents we have are singing, dancing(I know of someone that dances even while sleeping), writing, good interpersonal relationships, counselling, etc.

Now, what are the ways we can discover our talents? Many people due to ignorance of this ways have concluded that they have no talent. With these insights, you’re going to conclude yourself whether you’ve got a talent or not.

I’ve heard some people say that, I don’t have any talent, blah blah blah. Let me tell you. The problem is that, you’ve just not discovered your talent and that is the very essence of this point. There are different ways of discovering our talents. Let’s look at a number of them now.

*Asking questions from close friends and relatives:* This method is very efficient. It’s the people close to you that’ll know some things about you that you don’t even know about yourself. Call your close people, ask them to look beyond your bad qualities and look at those things you’re naturally good at. You’ll be so surprise that they’ll start telling you things that you don’t even know you’ve got the ability to do. After you’ve asked your close people, collate your results together and look for those reoccurring answers out of those answers you were given. Those reoccurring answers are your talents. Just improve on them and you’re good to go.

This is the commonest method that most of us know. It is also very very reliable. This method is self applicable. Look withing yourself critically. What are those things that you just find great joy and fulfilment after doing? That thing that gives you immense satisfaction, that just seems to make you giddy, that you just fine yourself doing over and over, that when you’re asked to do it, you’re already done when others are still struggling with it and trying to figure it out. That thing that you just feel like doing almost all the time, that makes you forget food, fatigue, friends and frivolities when doing it. Ask yourself all these questions and you’ll find out that you’ve got a talent right there in your face.

There are some things that even make me forget my name. It’s that kind of passion you’ve got for that thing. Anything you’ve got that kind of passion for is a talent for you.

Do you have a skill or hobby that you feel that if you should venture into it professionally, you’ll shine, excel and even possibly be the best in that field? Any skill you’ve got a natural and innate passion and ability for is a talent right there. I know of someone, my hair stylist to be precise. Come rain or sunshine, she’s always styling hair. And guess what? She never learnt it formally or informally. She never trained under anyone, yet she’s the best I’ve ever seen. She’s just so good at it. And it’s this same skill she uses in supporting herself and family income. Tell me, isn’t that a talent?
What else can you excel in if not something you’ve got passion for? I’ve always loved saying this. “Where your passion is, there your ambition lies”. So, by not go for it and become a champion I’m that field than opting for another and becoming one of those scraping the *bottom pot*.

I’ll still use my hair stylist as an example. How did I get to know her? I saw her work, I fell in love with it and I couldn’t resist it. Now, there’s no where I go that I don’t talk about her when people see my hair style. Thy just want her to make theirs too. In fact, they won’t even mind the price and distance. So long that get their hair styled by a good stylist, they’re okay. There was this friend that needed to style her hair for an outing, she came to meet me after having seen the style on my head and said she wanted to make her hair from my stylist. She had to come from a far distance because of all I’ve said about the stylist. And when I saw her the next day, I saw the signature of my stylist on her head. So unique. One day, I saw a friend of mine with a newly styled hair. Immediately, I asked her whether she’d been to my stylist, she said yes. That was her first time. Why did both of my friends go there? You should see the way I always talk about her. And besides, her work has already spoken for her. Mind you, she never learnt it. That’s a talent for you there.
Just focus on it, hone your skills and never be swayed by disappointing. Remember, if you fail to improve on your talents, they’ll be like that servant in the bible that was given just a talent that went to hide it in a hole in the ground. Improve on your talents.

After you’ve applied all these methods, there are some answers that will be reoccurring. Those reoccurring answers are your talents right there. Always remember that if you don’t improve on your talents, you just leave them lying there, it’s not going to profit you in anyway. It will just be like a newly cleared land that the owner planted crops but did not look after or monitor the growth of the crops. IT WILL YIELD NO RESULT. That’s why we need to overemphasize the need for honing and improving on our talents. Now, we’re going to look at what we can use our talents for.

What are the uses of talents? What can we use our talents for?

Our talents can be used in many ways but I’m just going to talk about just few of them.
*Glorification of God*: God comes first in whatever we do. Just like an old saying say, let’s give honour to whom it is due. I have good interpersonal relationships with people, singing, counselling, etc. I can use my interpersonal skills to win souls for God, that is, preach. My singing can be used in ministering and edifying souls or even sing motivations and edifying souls. My counselling skills can be used to lead aright those that are veering off the right paths of their lives. These are ways we can glorify our Creator with our talents. After all, he gave us those same talents.

Most people tend to neglect this use of talent. How much will it cost you to give what you’ve been given back to the person that gave it to you? Some will say, after all, He can’t see me. Let me use it for whatever I want. No. Remember the parable of the talents. The servants all gave account of how they used their talents, even the unfaithful one too. Some were rewarded and the other was punished. So, we should use it to glorify our Creator.

Our talents are not for decoration. They’re not just there to be left lying down and used only in churches. I’ve seen some spirikoko people frowning at those using their talents as a means of generating income. Their point is that God gave us these talents for free, why should we get paid for using them? I tell you, God wouldn’t have given us these talents if He hasn’t wanted us to generate income from them. Paul, the apostle had a skill of tent making and he used it to fend for himself on his ministerial journey. Mind you, he was a trained teacher of the law. A lawyer. So, your talents are God’s gifts. Use them, enjoy them make money from them and glorify God with them.

Another use of talents I have here is………

I know of a very passionate teacher that had a very intelligent student. This student wanted extra classes but due to the parents’ financial status, they were not able to provide that for him. This teacher had to call this little boy and told him to come for the extra classes without charging a dime. And she made the boy very happy. That’s another way or using our talents. Putting a smile on people’s faces.

Make people smile. Touch their Lives with your gifts. Be a blessing to humanity.

I have a friend that’s interested in music. Passionately loves music. Anytime he sees anyone that so much shows a little interest in music, he’ll want to take that person under him. Mentor them, enlighten them and help them see where their heart lies. He never jokes with it. It is just an innate thing to him. It comes naturally to him. A second nature. And that’s how he’s been helping a lot of people discover their talents in music.

That’s another way we can use our talents.

*Discussion and activity time.*
I want use to list other ways we can use our talents. Also, let’s look at all the ways of discovery and use them. Then, let’s share with the whole house what our talents are.

Let’s start now.

© *Mojisola Josephine*
*M . J*

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