As the hunger persists, she sets to leave. The previous night has been so worrisome that food was the last on her mind. And here she is, just 8:45 in the morning, she’s feeling like one who hasn’t eaten in days.
She picked her phone, her earpiece and of course, her wallet. She leisurely walked to the door, and made its opening and closing so placid, just the way she did the night before the last. She had waited patiently for sleep to take the duo away- the twin who act her enemies.
On her way to the restaurant, she reminisce about that night. She had always seen Mr. Sam as one who does not fits lecturing- from the way he talks to the way he moves. But he proved her wrong, he taught her different styles, from doggy to ‘touch your toes’. She’s sure never in her life will she forget any of these styles. Mr. Sam is just an angel- her angel. Now, she’s no more a novice. She can now proudly talk among her peers in class. Toluwanimi was smiling as she swung her arms by the busy road.
She got to the cafeteria and ate like she’s never eaten before. She was munching and cracking, she forgot it’s a place filled with people from all faculties of the school. She took the tiny bone on the gravy plate, no grain of rice was left on the plate. She chewed the juicy bone and suck, in her pure mind, Tolu remembered how she had once thought Mr. Sam’s joystick would be as thick as the butt of her broom in the hostel. Mr. Sam is such a plummy one with plummy tummy, she had heard Bola’s friend say fat one can only be owned by a fat body.
She suck the bone still, already practising in her mind how she would tell Bola about the night with Mr. Sam. She wouldn’t tell her she’s already wishing for another one, she knows Bola will make jest of her. “Oh! Shebi we were begging you before, now you turn it to food’, she would probably say. Tee dropped the last piece of the bone that looked like that of a Tilapia fish, and she took another. She sucked still.
‘Hello, young lady. I’m Martins, my mother owns the place.’
‘And so?’ She thought
‘I’m Tioluwani, I patronise your mother’, she refused to look up at his smile. He’s such a proud one. ‘Judgement at first sight’.
‘I’m leaving’ she said, got up and paid her bills.
She didn’t even wait for his response. Who’s he to decide if she leaves or not? His mother owns the cafeteria, not the world.
She got back to the hostel and Bola was still reading, she had left her friend’s head glued to the novel before her.
Now, how do I start..?
‘Bola, drop novel and listen to my gist jur.
You won’t believe wh…a…o, who I met today.’ She would rather tell her who she met and not what happened that night. She’s too shy to talk such things. ‘At the cafeteria, I met Martins, Martins claims his mother owns the place. I think he’s too proud. He’s not my type abeg’
Bola was just smiling what she does when a strong bombish response is coming.
‘How’s Mr. Sam, Tee? This man is loaded, you know, yet you want to lose him. Uhmmn!! Well, I’ve said mine o. If he goes like that, just forget our friendship.’
‘Ahn ahn, is it that serious?’
Bola did not reply even a word, she was back at the novel.
‘Maybe, I should just tell her now. Uhmm! Don’t let me tell her. She won’t even believe I am that brave to leave my parent’s house to spend the night with the man I had always insulted.
I don’t even think I’m going to tell her about it anymore, till she finds out.’


‘Oh my God!, I’m very sorry young woman’
‘Eh! You mad man! How dare you? ‘
‘Jeezz! I said I’m sorry, I was just….’, he didn’t finish that before swerving right.
He heard the woman rain curses as he drove away.
‘Eh! How do I get myself out of this mess? My daughter? Or Tee?
Oh!!! Not even one, can I sacrifice.
He picked up his phone and dialed Ibu’s number. He has told him last night, he would be visiting him at the office to talk things out. How could that pot bellied priest tell him to use his daughter’s blood for sacrifice? What nonsense?
‘Eh! I don dey come o, tell your yeye secretary say na Sam o’
‘Ahh ahh! Na your own the girl go do last, I don tell you na.’ He hung up and caught himself smiling at the side mirror. That’s what Ibu can do, they’ve been friends since he was 5 and he’s never disappointed him all the years.
But, now? He hoped not.
He was surprised he could still smile despite the fire in his head, eyes and tummy.
As he got to his friend’s office, he ran up the stairs with his belly dancing before him.
The secretary by the door gave him a stern look and he hissed. ‘I don’t have time for you, I’ve got someone better, fool! ‘
He opened the door oblivious of the new notice paper by the entrance. ‘Ibu, let’s leave this place quickly’, he was almost shouting at his friend.
‘Eh bro, be patient o’ Mr Ibu replied jumping up on his feet.
Downstairs, Mr. Sam still felt unsatisfied. How can he be complacent with such? Oh yeah! He can’t use his daughter not even Tee. He was staring at his friend. The first night at the cult house was playing vividly in his mind.
‘The more you stare,
The less you see,
The more you see!
The Less you stare!’
He was sitting beside his friend that night, his eyes travelling from the eyes of the “chief priest”- as they call him to the eyes of each members. The young man sitting opposite him looked so gentle and innocent that he thought of whispering to him to leave the cult. ‘You’re too young for this, he would tell him. But he didn’t do that, he only tried to compare his past that has brought him to such place to his unforeseen future. What will happen after joining a cult? Will everyday suffering stop after this dreadful decision?
A tap from his friend brought him back to consciousness.
‘Are you ready for this, gentleman?’ the priest asked.
Of course he was ready, but he asked ‘sir, will I have money?’
‘Haahahahahahahahah, his whole body shaking like a ship in storm. The priest replied, ‘in a week young man, you’ll be scared of money.
Mr. Sam wondered if the fear the priest had talked about that night is what he is feeling now concerning the rite. How will he kill a human like him?
‘Hey man, get yourself out of guilt, you have to do this, don’t you enjoy this fame and wealth?’ his friend whispered getting up to leave the dining.
He didn’t even get a reply as Sam took his car key on the table and left. ‘I have gotten myself into a dig pit of plight,’ he exclaimed.

Watch out for the next.

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