Eleyinju ege.
With rows of waist ileke,
Which makes melodious rhythm,
As she was with mincing steps.

Deliberate stepping, she’s got,
As she balances the ikoko omi on her osuka.
With enticing swaying of her hips,
She leads the way home.

Ade ori Eledua,
Black beauty indeed,
She outshines all other maidens.

Behold her wide smile,
With the eji between her teeth.
Those teeth lasan!
With brightness inducing whiteness.

You ever saw her hair?
All thick and curly and kinky.
Full around her head like a halo,
The Ade ori of her being.

Skin, so soft and tender she has,
Like blossoming young flowers.
The ori applied on her skin,
Enhances melanin so well.

Oh my! Those two pele,
Set perfectly on her cheeks,
Brings out the glorious beauty,
That tattoos failed to discover.

The negress!
With beauty beyond compare.
I am that woman,
The African beauty.

© *Mojisola Josephine*
*M . J*

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Author: Judaisky

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