Why Some Men Are Dogs When It Comes to Women – Nigerian Actress Blows Hot

Titlayo Osubu

Titlayo Osubu, a dark-skinned, beautiful, on-the-rise Yoruba actress, is one of the women who believe there’s no way a woman can change or curtail a philandering man.

Vanguard reports that the young woman is of the opinion that the infidelity gene is like a virus in the heart of every man, so, to her, a man cheating, is something his woman must come to terms with at one point or other.
“ All men cheat,” was her brusque reply when she was asked, in a question and answer session with Potpourri, on how to stop a man from cheating in a relationship.
“It is a fact I know very well but I don’t care as long as he keeps it away from me. If I don’t know about it, it doesn’t hurt me but bringing it to my door is asking for trouble. But if one must truly try to stop him the best way is not to give him space. But some men are dogs, they will still cheat, no matter what the lady does.”

Titilayo Osubu began her acting journey in 2010 under the Sola Akintunde aka Lagata group.

She has since featured in many films and produced a couple of her own.

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