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  This is my Third book, will be glad to read your postitive critics, if mockery are held then, i don’t think i will get affected. For the record,please be nice and I’m  looking forward to your corrections. Thank you.
Before you get on this book, allow me to point some few things.

All names,characters, location, and incidents are products of the Authors imagination. and are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual persons, dead or alive,or actual events is entirely concidental. Feed backs not sensitive  will not be good. This book is  fictional, so events can be construed as not real.

I reserve the right to write and own this book.


   This book contains, 
  Matured content. will indicate before you cross the bridge.
Abusive language.

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   This book is a tracer novel…Enjoy!!!


Chapter One.

“The tutorial will soon commence Tricia you should come.” Camila noted. Tricia seems to be lost in her thought, thinking of how to escape the wildfire of the sun on her way home. Suspending what her classmate has said, she gave her silence and waved Camilia. Drifting into the crowd, she left the school compound, faltering her steps on the tarred road home. Despite living in the capital city of Lagos Ikeja, which may also be termed as _’The Dungeon of the rich’,_ the secondary school isn’t far from the house. So she prefers to stroll as you may have.
Few kilometers finally was over, she bounced into the compound. She fiddled with the keys to open the dark mahogany door, only to find it open. She was fazed by the sudden situation that stared at her.
She moved in with fear, counting every step on the marble floor. The lights were on . Her mum won’t be back by this time, neither will her dad. The scenes were vague, finding out will be her greatest fear.
Clamoured steps she heard, causing her to flinch. She scooted to the corner right beside the dining table, making the unknown person not to see.
In no time, she felt something familiar. The cologne smells familiar. She sniffs and exhale silently to the exquiste smell. She came out of her hiding place and smiled at the curvaecous feminine standing before her, her long dark brown weavon straight down to the hem of her pencil skirt. No make up, tanned elated skin glistening under the rays of the light above.
She pay no mind to the call of her mother, whom she adored.
“Oladunni Tricia Folarin.” Cassandra yelled, she shrieked.
Yes mom you _”dont have to call my names.”_she thought.
“Can you answer my question?”
“Of course mom. what was your question?”
Cassandra frowned, and was hesitant to repeat her question, because of Tricia’s lack of attention.
“Why are you coming so early? are you not suppose to have tutorials by this time?” She glared at her, has Tricia left tutorials for the right reason or she ignored the urge this time.
“Its Physics Tutorial, I’m ahead already. Its not really a necessary cl-”
“Every class is necessary, i have always told you that. you won’t escape next time.” She nodded.
“Not again.” Tricia whined looking at the dining table.” Are we eating vegetables this time?”
Cassandra , not being the extremely primitive woman. She has framed herself to be economical due to the global recession.probably things may not be well for them. The rich suffers financially too.
“Don’t have your time, go into your fathers room, there are some files I’m working on, it’s placed on the desk. let me have them.”

Tricia nodded and went on her heels to her fathers bedroom. She rushed the files, scattering them against each other. She finally stuck them neatly on her arms.
Only for one to fall. She picked it and read its content.
To her surprise, she slightly missed her steps, almost reaching the ground. She couldn’t contain her tears.
“Why how when?” All these questions she asked went to the air.
“why didn’t she say?, why hiding it from us?” She muttered.
Mixed feelings was playing, in that fragile heart of hers.
Should she be angry with her? snap at her, understand her?. The uninformed information, is a slap to her face.
This can’t be happening again, the first dreadful event, nearly sent woodness to her comfort.
Now this…
On reaching the dining table, where her mum sat. She dropped the files she asked for and said-
“Mom is there something you want to talk about?”
Threatening the urge.
“No.” she scrunched her brows.
“Or may be this.”
Tricia placed the squeezed paper, before her.
Tears replaced Cassandras iris as she read it, threatening to fall.
“My dear, is not what you think.” she stuttered.
_’why do this always happen?’_ Tricia thought.
“Now you are going to leave as well, you should have told me.”
“Tricia dear, i…wa…s-” she was cutoff
“Please, its not helping. for how long mother?” Tricia’s anger mixed with the sadness that burdens her.  

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