The sun wrote sweat on our faces. We wanted this exercise badly. It was the only way we could be successful against our competitors. Our energy spoke louder than our envisioned victory.

After the training, every one dispersed to their various home. My head was aching badly because I was the captain. I went into the shower to ease the stress. When I got to my bedroom, I just felt dizzy and slept for hours.

The next morning I was damn sick so I told my coach I would be going to the hospital.
The nurse that were to attend to me was really hot. I nearly had a hard on. Her smile neutralize my pain. She could sense the effect she had on me.

As she turned back to get some injections, her skimpy skirt exposed her thighs. I saw myself in a trance. I got up and grabbed her waist, smooched her cleavages and turn her around for a wet kiss.

She said it’s risky here. So I stopped, got her number, receive treatment and drove home. I called her number countless times but she never responded. Whenever I went to the hospital to see her, she acted wierd. So I just forgot about her and put my head in the game.

The final day came for our football match. I couldn’t believe to see her cheering me among the fans. I couldn’t afford to lose this match.

I gave my whole. I played like a football machine. The 1st half ended with a draw. She came to me in my dressing room and I gave her the sweetest hug in the world. My coach interrupted and I got ready for 2nd half.

Our opponent scored a goal at the 75 minute. I almost fainted. At 85 minute, we had a corner kick and I went for the header which led the goal to the net. We rejoiced. We were given additional 5 minutes. That was when I dribbled 3 players to score the winning goal.

After the match, I drove her home for some anticipated sex.

©Ogomigo Roland.

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