The Elder’s Daughter: Part 30

Brian took Esther and Jennifer to his house for dinner. Brian’s mother had prepared a special dinner for all of them. Brian’s father had travelled out of the country for business. “Please enjoy your food.” Brian’s mother said that night as they had dinner. Brian told his mother how Esther had given her life to Christ that evening at church. Brian’s mother was more than happy to hear the news. She praised God and gave Esther a hug “My daughter, you will never regret the decision you have taken today” she said.

After dinner, Brian drove Jennifer home. Esther stayed with his mother as she waited for Brian to take her to the motel.
Brian’s mother made some tea for Esther and they both sat down in the living room.

Brian’s mother: My dear Esther. I knew that God had a plan for you. He brought you here for a reason. Our God is so good
Esther: Yes ma. Honestly, I cannot explain how I am feeling right now. I feel as if a new chapter has been opened in my life. I feel brand new
Brian’s mother: Of course you have become new. The Bible says in 2 Corinthians 5: 17 that whoever is in Christ Jesus is a new creature, old things have passed away and everything has become new. When you give your life to Christ, you become a new person totally. Forget your past mistakes and pains. God is offering you an opportunity to live a new life.
Esther: Amen. What amazes me is that I thought I knew God. I thought being a Christian is simply just attending service on Sunday and that’s it. I have been brought up in the church ever since I was born, but I have never experienced anything like this. I used to go to church every Sunday, but I never thought we could actually feel God’s presence the way I felt it this evening
Brian’s mother: Hallelujah! You know my dear daughter, the problem we have with many Christians today is that they have become so religious. They think Christianity is just going to church, wearing suits and ties and singing and dancing. But there is more to it than that my dear. True Christianity is having a personal relationship with the Father. When you have a personal relationship with Him, you will be able to live the life that He commands us to live. That is why there are many people called Christians today who are so cold, have no love and cannot live the life that is biblical. It is simply because they don’t know the Father face to face. They have no relationship with Him, so they just do everything religiously like the Pharisees and Sadducees during the time of Jesus. They do things because they want to please men. But when you have a relationship with Father, you will learn to love because Father is love. You will learn to show compassion because you have been infused with His divine nature.
Esther: But how can I know more about Him?
Brian’s mother: Through His word. Find time to study His word, the Bible. Develop the habit of closing the door behind you in your closet and just learn about Him. When two people are in love, they always want to be together. It is the same thing with our Father. He longs to be with us at all times. The Bible represents who the Father is. Another important thing is fellowshipping with the brethren. Many people like saying going to church is not important, but believe me, it is. The Bible admonishes us not to despise fellowshipping with the brethren. When brethren gather together to listen to the Word of God or even to worship, God’s presence is made manifest. Even at school, make sure you go to church. Brian can take you with him every Sunday. I believe he also told me that they have a Christian students’ fellowship there. And please don’t forget to pray. Pray the way you wish. Talk to God just like you talk to your Father. Tell Him everything you desire or feel. With that, I can assure you that you are in for a good ride with the Driver of our lives: God Himself. Enjoy your ride
Esther: Thank you Ma. I have taken note of that. I know it won’t be easy for me, but I will try. I have gone through so much, but now I am ready to move on
Brian’s mother: That is why the Holy Spirit is there to help our infirmities and weaknesses. Let Him lead the way. Our Savior Jesus went through so much, but He held on to the hope of the crown that was laid before Him. Keep pressing, don’t live by sight but live by faith. Even when things seem hard, continue moving because one with God can never lose. Eventually, everything will work out for your good. What are you planning to do now? Are you going to inform the father of the precious baby you are carrying?
Esther: Never! I don’t think he would even like to know. He has moved on with his life. I will take care of this baby alone
Brian’s mother: Hmm. I understand how you feel right now, but I want you to understand that this is not just about you and the father of your baby. It is also about the child itself. Don’t let your anger towards the father rob your child of its relationship with its father. He also has the right to know about the existence of this child. If he decides to take care of the child, then fine! And if he decides not to, it is fine too. At least you would have informed him anyway.
Esther: I will think about it Ma.
Brian’s mother: Sure and don’t forget to pray about it too. I am sure the good Lord will show you the right way.
Esther: Thank you ma.

After some minutes, Brian came back and was ready to take Esther back to the motel. Esther thanked Brian’s mother. “Oh you are welcome. I am happy for you. And one more thing: please forgive anyone that has hurt you. Forgiveness releases you and sets you free. Take care and see you tomorrow” Brian’s mother said, giving her a warm hug. Esther felt so good. She jumped into Brian’s car excitedly and they left. Esther told Brian how relieved she felt. She also thanked him for his kindness. Throughout the short journey to the motel, Esther told him about her plans to get a good job in the capital and settle down alone. Brian listened to it all and smiled “Esther Esther! You are a wonderful being” he said, shaking his head with a smile. When they arrived at the motel, Brian held her hand and said “Esther. You cannot imagine just how happy I am right now. I knew God had a wonderful plan for you. I am sure my mother has told you more than enough. The only thing I want you to know is that you can always count on me as not just a friend, but as a brother. God has brought you in my life for a reason and I will try my best to be there for you. Jennifer and my entire family will also be there whenever you need them. I would have asked you to stay with us in the house, but I want you to take some time alone, to enjoy your freedom and relax your mind. Here, take this Bible and read it in your spare time. Jennifer and I will come to pick you up tomorrow around 10am so that we can go to the game reserve. Have a good night and sleep under the covering of our God”

Tears were already flooding Esther’s eyes. She took the Bible and said “I don’t know what to tell you Brian. You are so amazing. Thank you for everything.” Brian smiled and gently pushed her ‘Go to bed now. You need to rest. Aunty mercy will bring some fruits for you. Good night mother of twins.” Esther laughed so hard and went to her room. That night, she sat on the well covered floor and meditated on what Brian’s mother had told her. She lifted her head up and, with tears in her eyes, said “Father. I know you can hear me now. I know I erred when I doubted your existence. Thank you for accepting me back. Father, I want to know you more. I want to feel your presence. I want to hear your gentle voice. Father right now, I am at crossroads. I do not know how to go about with my life. I terribly need your help. My unborn baby also needs your help. We both need your help. I feel like a new chapter has been opened in my life, but to tell you the truth, I don’t know how to start it. I need your help in everything.” She bowed her head and cried for some time. She then looked at the Bible which lay on the table, and picked it up slowly. She opened it and fell on a scripture in Matthew 11: 28 which read “Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest.” Esther looked at it carefully and read over five times. She closed her eyes and smiled “I have come Father. I have come. Give me rest.” Suddenly, she got on her knees with so much strength and prayed all manner of prayers with tears from her eyes. She worshipped, praised and just poured out her heart to God. She was in prayer for almost 1 hour 30 minutes. She didn’t even know when she slept off. When she woke up in the middle of the night, she realized that she was lying on the floor. She stood up and fell on her bed and slept like a baby.

Esther stayed at the motel until the end of the holidays. She had become so joyful and spent most of her time studying the Bible and praying. Jennifer helped her to understand some scriptures as they had become good friends over the days. Jennifer had left a day before Esther and Brian left for the capital. Brian’s mother gave Esther a good sum of money to use while at the university. Esther had stayed in touch with her mother who informed her how violent her father had become. She explained that Jacob was becoming suspicious as he kept asking why she could not switch on her phone. He had threatened to go to her aunt’s place to see Esther, but Elder Barnabas had asked him to exercise a little patience, stating that she was in intensive adulthood teaching.

The family driver took Brian and Esther to the university. They arrived in the early hours of the day as they had left in the night. Esther got out of the car reluctantly. She had enjoyed her stay at the motel and wished that it could continue forever. Brian first of all helped her to take her luggage to her room. Angela, who had already arrived, jumped on Esther when she saw her. ”I missed you so much my friend” Angela said. She looked at Brian and when he had left, she turned to Esther and said “Hmm. Are you hiding something from me again? This time around, I will just kill you if you dare try to keep secrets from me.” Esther laughed and put her hand on Angela’s shoulder “Don’t worry, I have a long story for you. Let me just get some rest and once I wake up, I will tell you everything’ she said. “Hmm. I think I love the sound of this” Angela said. Esther thanked Brian and went straight to bed. She was feeling quite tired.
When she woke up, she found Angela reading through a magazine. It was almost noon. Esther woke up, stretching her arms like a baby. Angela went to lie on her chest “Wake up, wake up. I need to hear the story” she said. Esther laughed and woke up. She went to take a bath and came to meet Angela. “Can we go to the public garden? This place is very hot and I want some fresh air. The fan can wait” Esther said. ‘Hmm, I can’t feel the heat that much my dear. Are you alright?” Angela said innocently. Esther pulled her hand and they left the room. They sat under a huge tree at the public garden. Esther narrated her whole story to Angela

Angela: Oh my God! I don’t know what to say to you Esther. I warned you not to throw yourself on David. But anyway, it has already happened and the only thing to do is to move forward. Life goes on. That child is now part of your life and you have to do everything possible to protect it. You need to inform David as soon as possible
Esther: I am not going to do that. David has moved on with his life and the last thing I want to do now is to beg for his love
Angela: You are not begging for his love. You are simply informing him of this situation. He deserves to know and your child needs to know the father too. Don’t be selfish Esther
Esther: Listen Angela. I understand what you are trying to say, but I am not ready to tell him. I don’t want him to come to me just because of this child. I will tell him when the right time comes
Angela: Ok. I won’t force you. I understand how you feel. But I am just glad that you have let go of the depression that took over you
Esther: Jesus has taken away all my pain Angela. I don’t know how to explain this to you, but I am a changed being. I know the change is gradual but I can feel that something about me has changed
Angela: I am happy for you. Brian has always seemed to be a nice guy. May God bless him and his family.
Esther: Amen my dear. I can’t pay him and his family, only God can do it.
Angela: I am just so shocked to hear that Jacob was sleeping with Naomi. May her soul rest in peace, but to be honest she was a real witch! And you know what? Yesterday when I arrived, I found some girls talking about Janet and Naomi in the dinning hall when Janet passed. One lady was saying that Janet was now taking over everything that Naomi had including her boyfriends. I couldn’t believe my ears
Esther: What a shame! And she called herself Naomi’s best friend. Anyway Naomi got what she sowed. She betrayed me big time, telling me to leave Jacob so that she could take over. I thank God I am wiser now
Angela: I wonder what Jacob will do when he finds out that you are pregnant
Esther: I don’t care. Let him do what pleases him.

Jacob arrived at Esther’s house. Elder Barnabas was the first one to welcome him “welcome my son. Please come in” he said. Jacob did not answer. Elder Barnabas knew that he had come to ask for Esther again. He didn’t know what to tell him again. Jacob entered the living room and sat down with a straight face. He did not allow Elder to talk before he opened his mouth and said “Elder. I am very disappointed with you. I can’t believe you could lie to me” Elder Barnabas was already getting nervous. “W-h-a-t d-o y-o-u mean my son?” He said stammering. Jacob sighed “You have been lying to me that Esther is at her aunt’s place and yet she is not. I was told by one of your neighbours that you chased her out of the house because she is pregnant. I know that what Esther and I did by committing fornication is wrong but please sir I am asking you to forgive us. I am ready to marry Esther even before the pregnancy begins to show. I am sure she is only about 3months down the line so we can get married before everyone knows. I actually gave a huge sum of money to the girl who told me. I asked her to keep her mouth shut” Jacob said

Elder Barnabas and his wife were speechless. Elder couldn’t imagine that Esther had been having multiple sex partners. He knew that Esther couldn’tlie about who the father of the child was. But Elder was not ready to face the shame. “If this young man thinks he’s the one responsible for this pregnancy, then I will just lie to him that it is indeed his child. Then I can inform Esther and ask her to come back immediately after her exams for her wedding. They can get married without this man ever finding out the truth” he thought to himself so that the imageof our family can be preserved.” Esther’s mother was in shock as she imagined what could have gotten into her daughter for her to do such a thing. Finally Elder Barnabas spoke “My son. I must say I was very disappointed when I found out that my daughter is pregnant. Esther has never done such a thing in her life. I brought her up in a godly way. However, I do admit that we all aren’t perfect and sometimes we do make mistakes. I guess I am the one to blame because I gave both of you too much freedom to be seeing each other in private”…. Esther’s mother got surprised. She couldn’t understand where Elder was heading to. Elder continued ” Well the irreparable has been done and the only thing we can do is to move forward with the marriage preparations bec…” before Elder could finish his sentence, Esther’s mother shouted “Enough of these lies! Enough! You and I both know that Esther said Jacob is not the father of the child but another guy from school. Someone she loves”

Elder Barnabas and Jacob looked at her in amazement. Elder Barnabas shouted “shut up woman! What do you know? What disrespect is this?” Esther’s mother also shouted back “I will not shut up. All my life I have respected and reveranced you, but today I cannot leave you to spoil the life of my child. She’s not a toy that we can toss about. She’s a human being just like you and I. Esther said she is pregnant for another man and I believe her because her pregnancy is not even up to 2 months. I don’t care what anyone says but my daughter deserves to live her life.” Jacob stood up and when Elder Barnabas tried to hold his hand to make him sit down, he pushed his hand and shouted “Leave me alone you old liar. You are nothing but a useless liar.” Elder Barnabas shouted “How dare you talk to me like this!” Jacob answered “I talk to you the way I want . I cannot respect an old fool whose only desire is to use me for my money. You poor family. If it was not because of me, you would have died in poverty. Useless pigs!” Elder Barnabas could not believe his ears. No one had ever insulted him in such a manner. Jacob left the house in fury. Elder Barnabas looked at his wife and said firmly “You are leaving this house. Esther’s mother screamed “Let me leave. I’d rather leave than stay with a guilty conscious of such a pathetic lie. Pack my bags and throw me out of this house please!!” Elder did not know what to do anymore. He hurried to the bedroom while his wife waited for her luggage in the living room.

To be continued

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