The Elder’s Daughter: Part 2

Esther packed her suitcases in the locker. Her phone rang. She removed it from the inside the suitcase and answered. It was her father, Elder Barnabas.

Elder Barnabas: Hello Esther can you hear me? Esther Can you hear me?

Esther felt rather ashamed to talk because the father was shouting so loud and Naomi was now looking at her. She stepped out of the room in order to speak freely. Unfortunately, a group of girls had gathered just outside, doing their laundry, shouting and making noise. Esther rushed back inside the room. Naomi looked at her strangely.

Elder Barnabas: Esther! Esther! Where are you? Why are you not saying a word?

Esther: Hello sir. Sorry, there was some noise, so I had to move to a quieter place.

Elder Barnabas: But you can at least say a word. Where are you now? Are you at the car park?

Esther: No sir. I am now in my room. I arrived a few minutes ago.

Elder Barnabas: And you didn’t bother calling me? How come you are in your room and there is such noise as though you are inside a market?

Esther: It’s just a group of students washing their clothes outside, sir

Elder Barnabas: Eh eh eh! Students behaving like market sellers! Jesus my Lord! Is this how people bring up their children? How can a girl child be screaming like a mad woman? You see what I told you? Be careful. Some of those students are not normal. They have been brought up like wild animals. Don’t just associate with anyone. So how was your trip?

Esther: It was fine

Elder Barnabas: You have to say “It was fine by the grace of God”. Don’t just say it was fine as if you protected yourself. Do you know how many people have died on that road?

Esther: It was fine by the grace of God

Elder Barnabas: Very good! We give glory to God for a safe journey. Let me allow you to rest. Make sure you pray before doing anything. Your mother and brother send their regards. I will be calling you every two days. Stay well

Esther: Thank you sir. Send my greetings to mom and Daniel. I miss them already

Esther hang up and put her phone back inside the suitcase. Naomi laughed. “Esther I am sorry for poking my nose in your business. But are you using a Nokia 3310?” She asked. Esther looked at her. “Well, I think so. I haven’t really paid attention to the name of the phone” She responded.

Naomi laughed harder “Of course you won’t know. This phone is outdated. In fact, I don’t remember the last time I saw someone using it. Where did you get it from?” she said. “My dad bought it for me” Esther answered.

“No wonder! Please you need to throw that phone away and get a new one, before you become a laughing stock in this campus” Naomi said as she wore her headphones back.

Esther was quiet. She didn’t mind what Naomi said. “A phone still remains a phone, whether it’s an old model or not. As long as I can use it to call, then there isn’t any difference” she said to herself. She went to the ladies’ bathrooms to take a quick shower. She found a bunch of other students walking naked in the bathrooms. Esther’s heart beat fast. She was about to go back to her room, when one them shouted “Hey Madam, you can enter. There are bathrooms that are not being used”. Esther quickly hurried into the bathroom and locked her door. Some girls laughed “I am sure she is the Mama Mary holy of all type” one of them said.

Esther bathed and left the bathroom, wearing a long green robe. Naomi was dressing up preparing to step out. She wore a tight pink mini skirt and a backless top. Esther starred at her in amazement.

Naomi: Esther, let’s go have dinner at the Campus restaurant. Have you bought your restaurant tickets yet?

Esther: Not yet. I will get them tomorrow

Naomi: No problem my dear. I’ll give you one. Just dress up so that we go now before the place gets filled up

Esther: Oh that’s very kind of you, but I am really exhausted from my trip and I just want to get some rest. We can go together tomorrow by God’s grace

Naomi: Ok, Mrs. Pastor. Enjoy your sleep then

Esther: thank you

Esther knelt down on the floor and said her prayers before going to bed. Naomi looked at her and smiled “It seems we have Sister Mary as our roommate. Janet needs to see this” she said and left. Esther finished her prayers and went to bed.

The following day, Esther woke up with a terrible headache. She groaned in agony as she returned from the shower hall. Naomi looked at her and went towards her “What is wrong Esther? Are you alright?” she asked. Esther sat down on the bed and answered slowly, her hand on the forehead “I have a terrible headache. I think it’s because of yesterday’s long journey” Naomi went to search for some pain relievers in her bag, but couldn’t find any. “Oh, I think they are finished. Let me take you to the campus dispensary. They will be able to take your temperature and give you some drugs” she said. She helped Esther to get up from her bed and went with her down the hallway to the dispensary. There were a couple of other students being attended to. Esther and Naomi sat down. “Esther, is everything alright?” Someone said. Esther, who had stooped down, looked up and saw that it was David. “Hello sir. How are you?” Esther said. David laughed “I thought I told you not to call me sir. I am a simple student like you. Just call me David” he said.

Esther: Sorry David. I woke up with a headache, so I came here to get some painkillers.

David: Sorry about that. Let me take your temperature.

Esther: You really enjoy joking don’t you? How can you take my temperature when you are not a nurse?

David: Actually, I work part time here. I have always been fascinated by medical work. Therefore, since I need to find a way to make some money for my personal upkeep, I decided to take up the volunteer work here. We do get paid some stipends though. Hahaha. I’ve been here for over 7 months now

Esther: Oh that’s pretty good, sir. Oh sorry I mean David

David: Thank you Madam. Oh sorry I mean Esther. Hahaha. Now let me get the thermometer to record your temperature.

David went to the counter to get the thermometer. Naomi looked at Esther and said “Hmm. I thought you are new to this campus. So how do you know this guy?”. “Oh, we met at the car park when I just arrived. He helped me find my way to the Campus. He’s a kind man” Esther answered. Naomi laughed “You call him a man? This is a small boy my dear” she said. David returned and took her temperature. “Open your eyes wide…..Ok. Now let me check your eyes….perfect. Your temperature is normal. I guess it’s just due to fatigue. You need to get more rest before classes begin on Monday” David said. He went back to the counter and brought some painkillers and a glass of water “There you go Esther. You need to take one tablet three times a day for three days. You can take one now. Here is some water” he said. Esther took the tablet and left, thanking David.

Naomi: So Esther tell me. You seem to be a very quiet and well reserved person. Do you come from a religious family?

Esther: I don’t know what you mean by religious, but if you mean I come from a church going family, then the answer is yes.

Naomi: Is your father a pastor?

Esther: No. but he is an elder in the church.

Naomi: Ok. So is this your first year at the University? What are you studying?

Esther: Yes, I am in my first year, I am in the department of Medicine.

Naomi: Hmm. It fits you. Most people in that department seem to be too strict. So you have passion for the medical field right?

Esther: Hmm, not really. It was my father’s order to do it. I’ve always wanted to do Business Management, but dad says most people who are into business are thieves. Stealing is a big sin before God.

Naomi: What? You mean to say your dad chose your area of study on your behalf? That doesn’t seem to be fair. You have the right to choose what you want in life.

Esther did not want to continue the subject as she did not want to use her father as a topic of discussion. She thought of how to change the subject.

Esther: And you? What are you studying? Are you also in your first year?

Naomi: Nope! This is my second time doing my first year. I failed the course last year so I had to repeat my class. I was studying history, but this year, I have decided to change to Geography because there is this hot guy who is doing the same course. He comes from a very rich family, rides a nice BMW and is soooo sexy. Apparently his parents have tried to make him attend private college, but he has refused. I am going to try by all means to get him.

Esther looked surprised. She couldn’t continue the conversation anymore. It was a great offence to her family for her to even talk about such an abomination. “Sorry Naomi, let me have some rest. We’ll talk later.

The following day, Janet, the other roommate arrived. She entered the room, shouting “Naomi baby. I missed you so much. Give me a hug my b**tch”. Naomi ran to give her a hug “Oh my b***tch, I missed you too. Look at how sexy you are looking. I can see that Sugar daddy is really taking good care of you. That’s the way to go girl!” Naomi said.

Esther watched them like a movie. Janet was dressed in a long white dress. She closed the door behind her and removed the dress “Oh thank God I have arrived. I just hate wearing such long things that make me look like an Orthodox priest! Let me wear my pair of pants” she said. Naomi laughed “Is it your dad that brought you?” she asked. “Yes, the old man insisted to bring me here in his car. I couldn’t say no to him. Sometimes, he just behaves like a little puppy” Janet replied.

Esther couldn’t believe her ears. “This girl just called her dad a dog! Lord, where have you brought me?” she said within her. She was lost in her thoughts when Naomi said “Janet baby, meet our new roommate Esther. Esther this is Janet, the one I talked to you about”.

Esther said gently “Nice to meet you Janet”. Janet made some grimaces on her face “Eh eh. Nice to meet you too Esther. Naomi told me that you are a religious person. I hope you won’t be disturbed by our constant noise and outings. We are club babes. Hopefully, you can join us soon, by God’s grace” she said.

Esther was astonished. She wondered how she would survive in that room.

To be continued…………………

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